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  1. Yes, the issue was that even though my sales did not require an elevated tier, I needed it for email support. I upgraded and got everything fixed.
  2. As of the morning of 4/26, immediately after server maintenance for M2E, orders have stopped getting imported into my M2E account from all marketplaces, even though my subscription is active. Downloading orders from the M2E site shows all orders from Amazon and Ebay missing after that time. The most worrisome thing is support options seem to be very limited. There is no support phone, and even calling the sales phone gets a very budget sounding "Nobody is available to take your call" message whenever called. Emails to support don't even get an immediate ticket response as is the norm with all help desk or customer service systems these days. I have a very successful e-commerce business and need an inventory management solution I can rely on with responsive support. I switched to Magento with M2E in mind after reading about how many businesses use it, and seeing that they were starting to charge I was hoping there would be solid support, but that does not seem to be the case. I'm wondering if there are any options for responsive support with M2E or if my business needs to find another solution.