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  1. You can disable import of the listings into the extension but it's good that you have your active inventory brought into M2E, isn't it? Just get the imported 3rd party listings mapped to the products in your Magento and move to M2E. It should save you a load of time. You won't be listing the same Magento products on eBay all over from scratch. You will just be listing new offers. A long time ago there used to be a synchronization running for the 3rd party listings but any more, the feature was removed in some of the old versions. So it's only after you have the 3rd party moved that M2E can update them, otherwise, the items just sit in the 3rd party listing. You sure it's set the way it should be? Try going through the account settings and the listing setup, maybe you'll see where the problem started.
  2. M2E guys recommend setting up programmatical models instead of enabling the Track Direct DB changes tool. It will slow down synchronization of a large inventory. But yeah, the feature is now located in a different place. It's in Amazon or eBay - Health status - Developers area - Direct db changes.
  3. Make these attributes that you created for your prices on eBay are present in all attribute sets in Magento. It'll become visible in the dropdown in M2E when it's in all Magento attribute sets.
  4. What option do you select when after you sign in your seller central? The article instructs to opt for I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS https://docs.m2epro.com/display/AmazonMagentoV6X/General The connection with the account will be set if your Amazon seller account is accessible. Copy and paste your merchant id and mws token accurately, ensure no spaces are inserted in the fields.
  5. Do you use a particular software to update the shipments in Magento? These duplicate logs of the same shipping data being repeatedly resent to the channel are quite strange. As if the shipment in Magento is updated again and again. M2E in its turn catches the shipment updates and forwards them to the channel. I wouldn't say I am closely familiar with the extension code but that's what the behavior of the logs make me I think of.
  6. Nick, the debug boxes may indeed result from the enabled template hints in your Magento. It might be a reasonable suggestion to check the configurations in your Magento. The version 6.4.10 that M2E released in May processes the gallery through pure CSS. We did some tests too, it goes pretty smooth.
  7. We managed to solve the same problem on our M2 by a pretty easy fix. The file is attached. It should be the same case, the solution will most probably suit you. Variations.php
  8. We had the same kind of the problem recently and were able to get it fixed by guys from M2E. Apparently, it was related to the technical part of the code or some file structure. You should try ask their support for the assistance.
  9. You could just place the products with the cost under 250$ and the product with the more expensive price in different listings where different shipping policies are applied. What is mean is that you can adjust the set up of the listings in a more convenient way, let's say create and name a listing 'Under 250$ - Free Shipping'.
  10. Hi Kelly So what you are saying is that Amazon order in M2E Pro does not contain VAT? This order data is returned from the channel API. M2E Pro receives the order and displays the details. VAT seems to be not included in the order details when it is imported into the extension. If the tax is not present in Amazon order, you can use tax rules set in Magento, based on them, vat will be calculated for your Magento orders.
  11. Do you mean you would like to use your Magento attributes in M2E Pro listing settings? You just have to add these attributes to all of the attributes sets that you created in Magento and select them in the settings of M2E Pro policies.
  12. The log says that your eBay account does not appear to be eligible for the Click and Collect option. You might want to contact eBay support to find out the requirements to participate in the program. Here is what eBay say about it https://pages.ebay.co.uk/clickandcollect/, the sellers must comply with the T&Cs of the program.
  13. This change will simply replace the default title to a different one. You will just rename the payment method that M2E Pro uses. The change can be the solution in your case, though, if you need a particular method title to be displayed.
  14. If the shipping cost is imported in the order from the channel, M2E must communicate the value to Magento. I mean this is how it works for us. Do you use any additional modules to manage shipment? Have you checked if your other Magento extensions do not control the shipping cost calculation in Magento sales? You might want to ask M2E Pro support guys for help with this, just explain the problem and send them the Magento user login so they could check it for you. They might notice something you do not see and point you to the right place.
  15. Arron, what do you mean you cannot enable Conditional Quantity? You see any error? This configuration is enabled for most of our eBay Items and we did not experience any problems to set this up. We are also on 6.4.8. version. Have you tried clearing cache? It might sound simple but it does help sometimes.