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  1. I think you have to create an atribute called "Media Image" and assign it to your designated set. It is a bit confusing because this creates a new role to the existing gallery functionality, so choose this role for the image and change your description policy to use that image. Regarding pic2 and 3 I have no clue.
  2. @NickT dirty CSS solution: div#gallery > div#etb-gallery > div { border: none !important; } div#gallery > div#etb-gallery > div > div { background: none !important; }
  3. This option does not exist anymore in Magento 2, so I had to go the alternative way or did I miss something? Many thanks to PP for the unserialize hint, but sadly did not yet have time to realize it
  4. Is there only us having this problem? As far as I can see the top one did not add new duplicates in the last month and there are less duplicates for newer orders, but it is very random and I am still annoyed by this.
  5. I had the same issue, since I am paying customer the support solved this for me, but sadly without letting me know what caused the issue, but I guess it is in the core.
  6. In Magento2 you can set in the synchronization policy whether you want the out of stock to be respected or not during sync.
  7. Alright if someone else is having the same problem, I came up with this solution. I am using SNM PDFprint: {{if helper.eq(payment_method,'m2epropayment')}} Ebay Transaktion{{else}}{{var order.getPayment().getMethodInstance().getTitle()}}{{/if}} However instead of just saying "ebay transaction" I also would like to tell if it was paid using paypal or bank transfer, but I still have no solution for that.
  8. We are having the same issue, this needs to stop as soon as possible. Some orders just have a few duplicated entries, the top one got 464 entries and it just about 4 weeks old, I do not want to know how many it will be in a few years.
  9. for me it has been instantly, but sometimes ebay servers take some time to synchronize each other
  10. This is driving me so crazy, I deleted the additional images and assigned a unique base image to each variation (because M2 is somehow buggy at handling the same image for multiple skus) and the variation article got listed partly, but threw out another error " The Variation data of the Product (e.g. Variation Titles, Variational Attribute) must be changed before it can be updated on the channel. The Variation Titles/Options may not correspond with the original values, or may not meet the channel requirements (e.g. Title length). " Because of this error I stopped the listing, deleted it completely from m2epro to readd it again newly afterwards. Maybe the system got confused with variations or sonething I thought. And what do you think happend now? I am back at the problem from the first start, item does not get listed and it gives me the same "too many images" error again. I really do not know what to do next.
  11. I have smallen the variation article down to 26 variations and deleted the additional images of each variation. So the main product has only one image and each variation also has only one image assigned to it. But the error mentioned above still persists. I also tried to reduce the image count of variations in the image and desciption policy, but that also did not change anything. Last thing I can imagine and the only difference to my other variation listings, is that I am using the same image for some variations, I am going to change this today and report.
  12. I had the same issue, you can try this but in my case I also tried to relist it again and again and after some time the previews also showed up.
  13. I just ran into an error and do not know how to go about it yet. I am trying to list an article with 104 variations, each variation has at least one image and at most three. But it does not allow me to list this article on ebay and gives the follwing error " Sie haben mehr Bilder als die zulässige Anzahl eingegeben." (You have more images than the allowed amount). Is this a configuration problem? I listed another article with about 40 variations and just one image for each variation succesfully. In the ebay help center it just says a maximum of 250 variations and up to 12 images for each variation.
  14. I have changed the description policy to change only for the desired single attribute, but it still changes the image for the other attribute which is not selected in the policy.
  15. I am using Magento 2 and latest m2epro and there is no oncklick event in the gallery (if the gallery gets shown, see my other thread )
  16. The media gallery attribute works fine for me in the preview and also a short time after publishing it, but after some time it only produces an empty div with class=gallery. On a post on the understandinge forum someone said he solved it by quadrupling the php memory limit. But I would like to know what setting you are using exactly to make it work. Mine is currently 768M and it is not working.
  17. I did not know about this limitation by ebay, I thought everyone else was doing it wrong Pretty ugly by ebay
  18. I was thinking about including another switch case in the pdf invoice template, but than I thought it would be even better to differ between "ebay payment by paypal" and for example "ebay payment through wire transfer". I did not yet find the time to look into the objects and if this info can be found in there, but I will let the community about it asap.
  19. Yes, thank you for your responses JB. I also noted the problem with the prduct ID before I made the mistake to delete the catalogue and set it up newly. But in my eyes this is also a big mistake by m2epro, because as I understand from Magento dev docs third party extensions always should rely solely on the sku and the product id is solely for Magento internal purposes.
  20. sorry than I guess you need to contact m2epro support
  21. Make sure you assigned the correct policy, I didn't and had the same problem
  22. I also had problems to save custom description policies, I used Firefox in the latest version and fixed by using another browser, so if you are also using Firefox try to use another browser.
  23. I need to clean up my product catalog as Magento prodcued duplicated entries. I need to delete all products and afterward reimport them. So I need to pause the ebay synchronization, for half an hour. Under "ebay Integration" -> "Configuration" -> "Synchronization" I am able to stop listing synchronization, but not stop order synchronization. SO I guess I have to do it at night so nobody places an order or is there a cleaner or better way?
  24. I have not used M1 for years so maybe it is a bit different, but the doc for you would be here -> In that "custom" or "reusable" policy ( you can not have a M2E Pro listing without any of theme) you can select to use the ebay shipping rate table, I never did so I can not tell you how it works, right below you can manually put in a value (or service with prefefined values) or an attribute, maybe you can publish a screenshot?
  25. you create a policy for shipping costs, so the shipping cost get pulled from your manual input within this policy or from an assigned attribute. Which Magento version are you using? If M2 take a look here: