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  1. solved, it was my onw failure due to policy chaos
  2. In my ebay listing (on the ebay website) after selecting the configurable attributes it always displays the wrong image. Once both attributes are selected and I change it afterwards the image does not get changed. The same article works in my own shop as it should, it properly changes the images all the time. Anyone else had this issue?
  3. Is there any posibility to rename the payment method "M2E Pro Payment"? We are printing the payment method on our pdf invoices and our clients obviously do not understand that payment method term.
  4. Could somebody tell me what the listing duration of GTC normally is? I think all my inputs are getting ignored. My listings were added with only 3 days duration even though I putted in GTC, also the quantity of my items is listed in full even though I putted in to be a maximum of 20. Any others had those problems?
  5. It maybe has to do something with your policies, in my case I had change the value for EAN and then the items did not get listed
  6. I am having exact the same problem, "Maximum Quantity to be listed" does not have any effect.
  7. The problem still exists. It only happens within Firefox, after restarting the browser it works for about 3 - 4 pageviews within the Magento backend. After these 3 - 4 page views the pop ups within the M2E Pro Extension do not open anymore. I am using the latest version of Firefox (52.0.2)
  8. Pretty strange behaviour, I just tried it today again, i thought I will maybe find some JS errors, but today there were no errors at all and the popup to select the attribute opened up immediately and the custom attribute also got saved.
  9. I am using Magento 2, everything is already set up and seems to work fine, which has been quite some work. But I have one big problem: I am not able to insert a custom attribute for the ebay title attribute, if I put it in manually it does not get saved and automatically falls back to default attribute. To M2EPRO: Will you get this working for me if I pay these 34 Euro per month? I guess in a few months I will be paying much more monthly, but offering a free starter version that does not work will not help you in getting more clients nor us.