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  1. Could somebody tell me what the listing duration of GTC normally is? I think all my inputs are getting ignored. My listings were added with only 3 days duration even though I putted in GTC, also the quantity of my items is listed in full even though I putted in to be a maximum of 20. Any others had those problems?

  2. I am using Magento 2, everything is already set up and seems to work fine, which has been quite some work. But I have one big problem: I am not able to insert a custom attribute for the ebay title attribute, if I put it in manually it does not get saved and automatically falls back to default attribute.
    To M2EPRO: Will you get this working for me if I pay these 34 Euro per month? I guess in a few months I will be paying much more monthly, but offering a free starter version that does not work will not help you in getting more clients nor us.