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  1. The Problem is if i want to do a police here, i have a Price e.g 5€ as base + 1€ for every 1 weight more so for an package with 10kg i have 5€ +10€ = 15€ something like that i cant write to this policy, because i havent any attribute or something like that which i can use for this
  2. ok i tell m2e now that he use the Ebay shipping rate table, but he also want that i do a policy for the shipping in M2E ? Why he want that if i say use Ebay ?! Screenshot
  3. Yes, the Problem that i have is, that https://docs.m2epro.com/display/eBayMagento2/Shipping+Settings here is no policy and here http://frame.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ShippingRateTable is also nothing.. but the Article has a Shipping Price :-) so i must find out where the Price is :-) I have Magento Version
  4. Hello, im new with m2e Pro so i have one Question. Our Customer has in an Article a Shipping Price e.g. 69,- But in Ebay doesnt exist a Shippingrate Table - the same in Magento so where does Ebay get this Shipping Information ???