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  1. During Description policy setup for listings we are missing custrom attributes. This only occurs in the definition tab and is preventing us from setting up product dimensions. Please see screenshot. We have the attributes from our first tab on the product page but none of the others. (second screenshot). Has anyone encountered this or know of a fix? listings without the dimensions are a huge issue for our products.
  2. As title sugests. We have a number of lines where the product is in stock in magento. Enabled and our policy is set up as such that these should list. However M2E is creating hidden listings for these items and only by adding in a very large quantity of stock am i able to force them to list (around 100QTY of inventory). We dont have any conditional rules set other than to revise the listing when the magento quantity hits 1. Scren shots attached of the Sync policy for this account. Anyone able to shed light on this? would be very much apreciated as we're missing 20% of of inventory from ebay as a result.
  3. First post on the fourm and unfortunatly its about an issue i have encountered with the extention. Conditional Quantity will not enable within the QTY policy please see the screen shot attactched for the region settings. Its causing issues as we are nearing our listing allowance as we sell expensive items and listing 100's of them rather than 10 at a time is a problem! Running Mag M2E Ver 6.4.8