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  1. So we trying to list items on Amazon with new ASINs. We created new Description policy. We dont have UPC and if I would go and create items through excel import Amazon would not ask me about it. Anyways, our category is Industrial & Scientific > Lab & Scientific Products > Lab Supplies & Consumables > Lab Consumables > Other (Lab Consumables) After I choose this category app is noticing me that "You have chosen Category in which Amazon Parent/Child Products are not allowed." After I'm choosing UPC / EAN: None Product ID Override: Private label and on last tab there is Specifics where I can see only Parentage with Custom Value: child and I cant change it. My products doesnt have parents or childs so I dont need this thing at all but i'm assuming this is how supposed to be. So after all this when I try to list the item I get error "The value set for the specific Parentage is invalid. Please set the correct value and try again." I understood that this is the one I can't change so I'm stuck. Please advise how to fix it.
  2. thanks, I stopped it and list it again and pictures showed up
  3. Second time trying to get M2E work but second time same error. Listing items to Ebay, setting about image was at first to use Gallery up to 5, I dont really need it but I set it up like this. Sending 15 ads to Ebay and get this error (see screenshots). After I went to setting and I set up NO Gallery and I revised all listing through app but nothing changed on ebay. Please advise. I really like the idea to export products fast but this thing is annoying