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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the M2E ebay integration. We're currently selling pre-configured servers on ebay. Basically we put the server together, tell you the specs of it, and give it a price. On our new Magento site everything is configure to order using bundle products. Ideally I would like to push the bundle products to ebay and set up configure to order listings on ebay. However, I do NOT want to download the pre-configured products from Ebay to my Magento store. Basically I want the connection to be one way. My Magento data is much more robust than any of the ebay data so I really do not want to download any crappy ebay listings into my Magento backend. Is this possible with M2E? Ideally we'd still sell preconfigured on ebay and just manage those listings with a 3rd party software like InkFrog or something. I'd like to keep my Magento data spotless. Thanks