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  1. Still no sensible reply and I've given up. Have now had 2 replies that included links telling me how to enable / disable template hints in Magento, I am aware of how to do this, I have no hints ANYWHERE other than on the image panel within my Ebay listings. Support = totally and utterly useless. Anyone else able to help, please?
  2. After 4 days I had a response from support, unfortunately it was useless. Basically saying M2E has supported CSS for image galleries since 6.4.9 and so the issue is within my description. It isn't. They ignored the issue with the red Magento debug boxes. I have asked them to "reconsider" their reply.
  3. Did the upgrade work for you guys? I've still got the same problem despite upgrading to v.6.4.10, am running Magento 1.9.2 I've also now got red magento debug boxes around my images : All help appreciated. Nick