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  1. Hi, We are having the same issue and have already been in contact with m2e team. Basically as of August, 22nd Amazon requires on all marketplaces this information. The provision can only be done via description policy at the moment. However this does not work since unlike product master data [country_of_origin = null] is specific to each seller, meaning the same product might be shipped from different countries depending who sells it. We basically list new products twice a year (fashion) and sell brands where the ASIN has already been created mainly by the manufacturer - it is impossible to maintain hundreds of description policies. Therefore this is showstopper to us. Even though we have spend quite some thousand of EURO on m2e we are looking already into alternatives since they cannot come up with any timeline or something. Best regards
  2. The new DHL shipping version does not support shipping methods for non-online shop orders anymore...which is ridiculous... We build a workaround to manipulate DB records and process orders, however having issues with properly transferring tracking and carrier codes but it works... We are now testing sendcloud integration that supports multi carrier interfaces. BR
  3. Since updating to 1.4.2 I do get a strange error message... German you can see in the screenshot..."Stock/Inventory Number for variation not found"... Thanks!
  4. Same import for 5 hours +Same import for 5 hours +
  5. Hi Manolinda, I am using SNM PDFprint as well. Two questions; 1) Have you succeeded to derive whether it is paypal or bank transfer? 2) Our Order Number for Amazon Orders starts with "A_" (ebay orders with "E_"), however I have no clue how to do an IF clause considering only the prefix (* as wildcard does not work > "A_*") In general it would be great to directly access those m2e tables, e.g. as you suggested identifying the payment method...some additional information I found here, however I am not able to implement this some in SNM pdfPrint. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your detailed feedback...let's see whether we eventually can spend so much time on that. Still wondering why only eBay doesn't work... Have a nice day!
  7. Hi Darren, thanks for your update; I already deactivated or have even deleted additional payment extensions...I still get the Exception Info: Type: Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException File: /html/magento2/vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/Quote/Item/CartItemPersister.php Line: 81 Frankly spoken I have no clue how to identify potential other extension. M2E support also argued in that direction, however for Amazon orders it do work! ...only for eBay orders that issue persists. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, have you got any update on this? Supports says I should check with my developer however there hasn't been any change expect an upgrade to M2.2.5 and M2E 1.3.5....Besides Amazon works as desired. Interestingly only qty is not updated; the product runs out of stock as supposed to be (if there was only one left). Thanks!
  9. We have found the product causing the loop for all other products. An Update of m2e should prospectively avoid that behaviour - listing/product.php line 299 should be changed.
  10. For the last 18 hours my Amazon listings have been a mess. There are many items that are being constantly revised - in automatic mode and successful. Although I deactivated revise completely in the policy. Besides the cpu load, which cause the cron job to not working properly, there is no quantity or sync of new orders anymore. Any advises??? Is it possible to reset m2e somehow? I need urgent help. Thank you!