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  1. GrahamWharton

    Cron jobs taking too long

    Interestingly, as max_execution_time is always 0 for cli, the load distribution will only ever come into effect when running cron by triggering http://<frontend>/pub/cron.php
  2. GrahamWharton

    Cron jobs taking too long

    OK, tracked this down eventually, and it is by design. The M2ePro cron module tries to be clever and applies a random delay to the start of the cron jobs in an attempt to distribute load on a server. It only does this load distribution under certain conditions. If you are in developer mode, it does not distribute load. If the php max_execution_time setting is under 300 seconds it does not distribute load. To distribute load, each cron job is delayed by a random delay anywhere between 0 and 60 seconds. This is pretty poor in my opinion. What happens if the cron job is deleyed by 59 seconds. It will most likely still be running when the next cron initiation is attempted resulting in skipped crons. Time for a module override me thinks to get rid of this pesky load distribution. This should really be a setting that we can turn on/off.
  3. GrahamWharton

    How to rename "M2E Pro Payment" to "eBay Payment"?

    This option is present in Magento 2.
  4. Firstly, the sending of emails with the from address not set, or set to your account, e.g www-data@ is a bug in Magento. It is due to be fixed in the next release. There are fixes available on github. With regard to your issue concerning the emails being sent, I too had this happening recently. Ive been running my store for over a year now and it has never happened but totally randomly (or more probably related to something else I was tweaking) Magento started sending customers confirmation emails when the order was dragged down from ebay into Magento. And then after a couple of days, it stopped doing it and has never done it since. I have, and always have had auto invoice turned on. I've never got to the bottom of why it started, and why it stopped.
  5. GrahamWharton

    Cron jobs taking too long

    Magento 2.2.7 Ess M2ePro 1.3.5 I've been noticing that my cron jobs on Magento are taking a long time to complete. I run the job using an HTTP get request to https://<server>/pub/cron.php every minute. See the screenshot for timings for the M2ePro module. My store only has 80 items listed and only perhaps 10-20 sales per day, so can't see why it should be taking so long. Anyone seeing anything similar before I dive into a deep debug. Cheers Graham
  6. GrahamWharton

    Unable to renew token

    Yeah, sorry. I should have come back and updated this. It is indeed working now.
  7. GrahamWharton

    Unable to renew token

    I have a feeling this is ebay's problem. Seems to work ok on my dev install getting a token from ebay sandbox.
  8. GrahamWharton

    Unable to renew token

    Magento 2.2.7 M2Epro 1.3.5 Click Get token Enter ebay username and password Click Login I am presented with the ebay homepage with the address bar showing "" My token is not renewed. Anyone else able to renew their token? I guess my integration will stop working when the token expires in 2 weeks.
  9. Hi, Has anyone else noticed the following behaviour in M2ePro 1.3.3 Import order from ebay where order country is set to a country that requires state/region in Magento (i.e has a drop down list of regions) and the ebay order does not have the region set, or the region does not match one of the items on the Magento drop down list. The order will be imported, but M2ePro will silently set the region on the order to be the first region on the Magento list regardless of whether it is right or not. Quite a few of the countries that have preset regions, dont actually use them anymore and are rarely entered by users, therefore for all of these items the region is incorrectly set by M2ePro. The countries affected by this are USA Canada Germany Austria Switzerland Spain France Romania Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Brazil Croatia India This has resulted in several packages of mine going missing. I noticed as I had several packages destined for Spain that all went missing, and then I noticed that the address had incorrectly had "A Coruña" added to the shipping address. I checked the M2ePro code and traced it, and it looks like for eBay orders it is done on purpose. For Amazon orders in M2ePro if the region is not set and is required, the order is not created, but for ebay it just silently sets it to the first region and creates it. I wrote an addon module that overrides this behaviour and if it finds the region is not set but is required it refuses to create the order, and it then logs a critical notification so the Magento operator is alerted to the fact that they need to go in and set the region manually in order to create magento order. I wonder how many people are sending orders out to the wrong address because of this.
  10. I really do wish this could be fixed soon. Running Magento CE 2.1.8 and M2EPro 1.2.1. It adds a new tracking reference every 6 minutes. It only adds the tracking reference for the last order created. This means if you get two orders in quick succession, then chances are the second but last order won't have many duplicated entries against it, but if there is a big gap between orders then the second but last order will have a lot of entries.... If that makes sense. Having a new entry added to the database every 6 minutes means 87000 odd entries every year your shop is running which are needlessly being added to the database, not to mention rendering your packing slips utterly useless. I see no option other than to stop adding tracking information in ebay which is a pitty. Regards Graham