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  1. From what I can tell M2EPro can only use simple products. We are wanting to use the extension with virtual products... Is that possible?
  2. Thanks for your response. Mirasvits full page cache only caches the frontend it doesn't cache the backend. All other extensions we use have the url format of but m2epro uses Maybe this is what causes the issue?
  3. Update: Everything is working and all caching can be enabled except when our full page cache extension is enabled. We use Mirasvit's Full Page Cache Extension which m2epro does not seem to be compatible with. We will contact Mirasvit and see if they can help and if anyone on here has any ideas as to how to fix it your input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, We have installed the M2E Extesnsion in Magento a few times now, but are having the following issues: When caching is on the "Sell on eBay" menu link goes to the store homepage, but works fine with caching off, which we do not like doing just to get an extension functioning. The "Sell on eBay" menu item does not have the dropdown menu. When we get to the "adding products" step of the wizard we cannot see any products, resetting the filter does not make them appear (like in some cases within Magento). We would like to get the extension working so we can assess whether it is worth paying for a subscription. Any help is greatly appreciated.