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  1. Hello Harry, Integration with Amazon NL is already available in M2E Pro. Try reaching out to the support team for the details on how to enable new Amazon marketplace.
  2. Hello Nico, it could have been due to the status of your account, i.e. it had not been activated to be accessed by an application as it was just registered. Has the problem been sorted yet?
  3. Hello Sergei, integration with Amazon NL is already available, try reaching out to the support team for the details on how to enable it.
  4. This message will appear if a simple product with no variations is retrieved from Magento now, while originally, it was listed as a multi-variation one. Can you check if this product is properly assigned configurable/associated products under the selected store view? Try saving the product in the catalog to see how M2E Pro responds to this product change. And please check if the 'Ignore variations' setting has not been enabled in 'Price, Quantity, and Format' policy
  5. Hello The error related to the length of the password, i.e. 'The password must have at least 7 characters' has to do with Magento SUPEE-11291 patch. You should be able to fix it by adjusting the affected part of the code. Here are the details: in the file app/code/community/Ess/M2ePro/Model/Magento/Customer.php the line ~27 must be changed from $password = Mage::helper('core')->getRandomString(6); to $password = Mage::helper('core')->getRandomString(7);
  6. Hi Antonio absolutely, we used to have the same setup. Apparently, you can add the same seller account to as many M2E Pros as you wish. The only thing you have to watch out for is double synchronization, make sure the same inventory on eBay is not updated by both modules at the same time.
  7. This is an error from eBay, you can see it here on their developer portal, error code 406 eBay seems to decline requests which are older than 30 days. I would ask eBay support what must be edited in a case like this to let the requests go through. M2E Pro guys might also get back to you in the ticket you opened. Probably, it won't be an immediate response because of the free plan, but they do still look into urgent cases when available.
  8. In the new extension version,14-day return option should be back in the policy and available for those marketplaces where it's supported. They say that these frequent policy updates in M2E Pro result from frequent updates of regulations implemented on the channel.
  9. There is another version released that supports M2E migration from M1 to M2. Reach out to support, the guys will advise.
  10. 'The provided condition id is invalid for the selected primary category id' is an eBay error. Items with the condition ''very good" are not allowed in all eBay categories, many eBay categories have condition restrictions. Here is a link where you'd better look up whether second hand items are allowed to be listed in this category.
  11. Are you talking about a combined order or are these individual separate orders? Check m2e pro order logs for an error to see why an order hasn't been invoiced in Magento.
  12. Hi Rahil First, create the shipping template policy in the block Configuration/Policies. Next, you can assign it to your product. You will see 'assign 'Shipping Template' action after you go to the listing group and switch the view mode to Settings.
  13. Hi have you tried contacting support? We had the same warning returned from Amazon over and over again. We got rid of it with the help of their support team.
  14. In your Amazon account settings in M2E, what tx source do you use for orders? Set it to Amazon if the order price contains the tax. Otherwise, just set a Magento tax rule for these orders and set the tax source to Magento.
  15. The extension will tell Magento about the eBay order and decrease the product quantity once an order is created in Magento. Though, it not the extension itself that updates the product status, that would be Magento. Magento would change the product status to out of stock once the product is sold out. If your Magento products are customized in some way, like there is a custom product status, it'd call for additional customization of the processes that you expect to comply with your catalog setup. I mean wouldn't that be an additional script in Magento rather than modification of the module running on top of your store?
  16. The product qty in M2E is set in price, quantity and format policy. Do you have it set to 'product quantity' attribute? If it is, the product should be stopped on eBay once Magento qty reaches 0.
  17. Check it in eBay configuration, there should be an option to restore the saved choices for the cases like this.
  18. When you list your Magento configurable products on the channels, there is no need to pull the individual associated products along with the parent product. You will face errors if you try to list child and the parent products at the same time. List the parent ones, the associated variations will be pulled up automatically.
  19. @JMC did you get your Amazon account moved? @neutrino is right, we had to move our eBay accounts too. It took the support less than half an hour to get it sorted for us.
  20. We had the exact same error which appeared to be caused by the extension Magestore_ERPplus. But it took us time to identify the cause and get our developers to solve it. It looks like the error can possibly be caused by a number of factors or extensions.
  21. eBay does not let you change a fixed price listing to an auction by revising it, does it? I mean if your fixed price offer was submitted over two hours ago, you will need to stop and relist it as an auction. So if you change the listing duration in M2E, eBay will still expect you to relist your offer. Use m2e to control the qty you send to eBay regardless of the exact qty in your Magento shop, for example, by listing a custom qty or a conditional qty up to 10 items, etc.
  22. Hi Graham You will avoid this random delay caused by load balancing if you switch to m2e cron service. Their service manages all of the calls following a strict schedule. We actually did not have to do anything to enable it, I believe it was activated automatically once we obtained the license.
  23. Amazon has a list of the allowed HTML tags probably, your product description contains the tags which are not allowed on Amazon US
  24. Hi you can assign and reassign description policies to the products after you switch the view mode of the listing to SETTINGS. You can select some or all products in bulk and assign any of your created description policies.
  25. Thanks a lot for bringing this up here. eBay indeed updated the product identifier requirements in autumn. The problem should have been temporary. In a little while, M2E guys also updated eBay category changes on their server. It helped one of my clients.