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  1. Manually. I have done it that way for several versions now without issue. We aren't able to upgrade using the traditional methods since our version of Magento is so old. I can see all our other cron jobs are successfully running, but m2e's cron continues to fail after the upgrade to 6.4.11. And we continue to get worthless errors about improper words on ebay titles and descriptions that don't tell us what the words in question are.
  2. Anyone else having issues with the latest version? I noticed a rather large # of m2e related browser cookies being generated after the upgrade. Something like 80+ of them. After a downgrade, only 16 or so. I started getting warnings about synchronization having not ran in the past hour. Ran as soon as I downgraded. Having issues with listing certain items on ebay. Error indicating that there are keywords in the title that are not allowed even though items we listed previously had the same exact keywords. Although after downgrade, we still had issues with this.
  3. eBay's new Guaranteed Delivery program requires sellers to use the rate tables configured on their site. However, I can't select any of the specific rate tables created under my eBay seller account from within the M2E Shipping Policies. I can only set "Use eBay Shipping Rate Table" to Yes. But this isn't helpful and I still have to set specific rates in addition to this, which doesn't make any sense to me. This program launches on the 19th. If I bulk edit my listings on eBay to use these rate tables, isn't M2E just going to override that? And if not, I can't list new items through M2E using these new rate tables.
  4. Per the email that was sent out to sellers on August 31st, starting in October, Google Chrome "will begin displaying the message "Not Secure" in the address bar when users visit standard HTTP pages or HTTPS pages that include non-secure HTTP content." But when you insert the image gallery into a description using m2e, it uses HTTP:// to link to the product images. How can I have it use HTTPS:// instead?