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  1. Figured it out. The shipping policy was the issue. I was getting an error trying to create shipping policies, which meant my listings had no shipping policies. On my install, I had to issue the following MySQL command. This line (162) had "Standard shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to worldwide" for its title. The /H was being mistaken for a regular-expression modifier on line 1733 of app/code/Ess/M2ePro/Block/Adminhtml/Ebay/Template/Shipping/Edit/Form/Data.php. Changing the slashes to commas fixed the issue, and I was able to list on eBay with no issue. Seth UPDATE `m2epro_ebay_dictionary_shipping` SET `title` = 'Standard Shipping from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to worldwide' WHERE `m2epro_ebay_dictionary_shipping`.`id` = 162;
  2. Just set up M2EPro with Magento 2.1.8. I've been running M2EPro for years on 1.9.22 with no major issues. When I try to list my first item from my first listing to eBay, it fails with an error message "Unable to get result object" and nothing else. I have no idea where to look for potential solutions to this. I did notice, however, that the process of creating policies did NOT ask me to create a Shipping policy -- and there is none attached to the listing. Help!!