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  1. We are running on Magento 2.3, just in the past few days when we revise products it keep saying "Something went wrong, please try again later." We are assuming this is a eBay API issue? i heard they have made some changes? We haven't had this issue only in the past couple of days, no error on the backend or debug, can't pinpoint anything that is related to our integration. Anyone?
  2. We did a fresh install of Magento 2.2.1 and install the latest m2epro module 1.3.2, all is now dandy (we regret migrating from M 1.9, worst experience ever!). eBay integration works (check) Amazon integration does NOT work. We click Amazon integration -> Choose U.S market -> Continue -> went through Amazon agreement -> Last step almost done continue back to our Admin and we get the following error in red Class Ess\M2ePro\Model\Amazon\Connector\Account\Add\EntityRequester\InterceptorResponser does not exist Anyone experiencing this? We are unable to get past the integration. We are on a development server, uploaded the original files again, ran setup:upgrade -> compile -> deploy -> index -> cache flush and clean. Still the same issue. No idea where this class is looking through the versions and the EntityRequester file is the same through version , since Any help is appreciated.
  3. We are suffering from the same issue with eBay. Can't relist. We stopped a listing now it won't relist and gives that error.