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  1. Hello neutrino. Aha, I understand now. This value should the same for all product, ins't it?
  2. Hello neutrino, this is the first thing I tried but when an order is placed on Ebay, M2E Pro decrease this quantity too. At the moment I solved creating a second field "ebay quantity origin" who a cron script copy every hour in the field "ebay quantity". But I don't like so much this solution. Do you have some other ideas?
  3. Hello Neutrino, thank you. I hope you will find some idea because I don't have any.
  4. Hello neutrino, thank you for your reply. I'm not sure "Quantity Revise" match our needs. Can you explain me how "Quantity Revise" work? I mean, which direction? From ebay orders to decrease Magento stock, from Magento Stock to update items quantity on ebay or both? Don't worry about overselling. We are a production company, we don't have anything on stock, so we would use the new attribute "Ebay quantity" to decide for each sku how many items to sell. So we expect M2E Pro use this field to update ebay, but from the order side we would avoid an order can decrease this field. Is it possible? How?
  5. Hello Neutrino, thank you for your answer. No, you didn't understood. I don't want to use this function, I would to decide the *exact* quantity of item to sell for each product I have and this quantity should never change on ebay also if the item is sold. To do this I created the attribute "Ebay quantity" who is the *exact* quantity I would to sell and who I never would be decreased by M2E Pro after a selling. I hope now it is ore clear
  6. Hello, I'm using Magento 1. due to stupid limitations from ebay, I created a new attribute "Quantity ebay" who I would to use as "limit" of the items to listing on ebay and I configured the policy on my ebay listing to use it: This work perfectly, the problem is: when one item is sold, M2E decrease the quantity on the field "Quantity ebay", there is a way to avoid it? Thank you in advance! A virtual beer for the fastest answer
  7. Hello MrMoeJay, thank you for your reply. So, do you know that this mean? I don't understand this option.
  8. Hello, in Magento I have categories organizated by tree: is it possible to sync categories on my shop on Ebay, for instance if a category in my shop does not exist it will be created.