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  1. @Merance The workaround I used when I had this issue was to create the listing in M2E in a category that still existed in both M2E and Ebay. Then I went to Ebay web admin and manually updated the listing's category there. Obviously this sucks if you have a large volume of listings to manage, but works in a pinch. Once M2E started importing the categories properly, I believe I had to reset the category in M2E for those listings (to get everything synced up).
  2. Looks like there were also recent changes to the e “Musical Instruments and Gear” sub categories. Refreshing the eBay site marketdata in Configuration doesn't import the new categories. Cannot revise listings or add to certain categories without getting a "The category is not valid, select another category." It's like these new subcategories are invisible to M2E. @a.belokon Is this related to the above mentioned API issue?
  3. Looks like Ebay recently made changes in the “Musical Instruments and Gear” sub categories. Can’t revise existing listings or create new listings in certain categories without receiving “The category is not valid, select another category” error message. Updated the eBay site (below) to refresh the categories list, but to no avail. The new sub categories do not populate in M2E! Sell On eBay > Configuration > eBay Sites > Configuration > Marketplaces > Update Now Has anyone seen this before or experiencing a similar error?