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  1. Hello, I have been using this extension for many months without any issues but today I noticed that the extension is no longer syncing orders and inventory since 11/20. The issue is this error: M2E Pro was not able to get access to the Amazon Account. Reason: Account authorization is failed. Please ensure Amazon account settings are correct. The Merchant ID & MWS Auth Token had not changed from when it was working so I checked my Amazon account and noticed that the credit card I had on file expired. I updated the card and I still got the error. I reconfirmed access and the error persists. I revoked the access and granted a new one but the new token would not same and still got the error. I even tried setting up a new account with the new token and it would not save. I also updated the M2EPro extension, that didn't work either. Also, the eBay side of this extension is still working. Either I am missing something here or there is an issue with the extensions and looking for some help. I did submit a support ticket but I am hoping to get a faster response here. Many thanks for anyone who can give a word of advise.