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  1. Change price on ebay vs on website

    @Lori, certainly. If you need your Items selling on eBay/Amazon be more expensive/cheaper than your Magento Product, just set up the Price Change in Price, Quantity and Format/Selling Format Policies accordingly (you can find it in the Price block).
  2. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  3. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  4. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  5. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  6. Want to change magento product status

    Not sure if I understood you correctly... Do you want an item to be stopped after selling e.g. 2 of them, right?
  7. Support for eBay's Business Policy

    @Emooo, this warning is returned directly from eBay. It indicates that you have opted for eBay Business Policy. The participation is optional, but eBay is going to make using the profiles obligatory in the future, so I strongly recommend you to opt-out. p.s. by the way, this is just a warning, not an error, so I think it will not affect your listings.
  8. Hi! What particular type of Magento Product are you using (Bundle, Configurable, Grouped or Simple with Custom Options)?
  9. Hi! From what I can see it is not a problem. Probably, there were a lot of items to process, that is why synchronization works so long - it has a lot of things to do) To be sure that everything is OK, you can also check the Memory Limit and Execution Time.
  10. Amazon Marketplace Web Service

    As far as I know, this error is returned by Amazon API. Have you checked that your Amazon Seller Central Account is accessible and you chose "I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS"?
  11. Hi! Sure, this is possible. Go to your Listing > Edit Settings > Selling. There you will see the Price block (you can also do it in your Price, Quantity and Format Policy). There you can set the Price Source (where the Price will be taken from) and Price Change (see the screenshot below). You can increase or decrease your Price (it is possible to set the fixed value or percentage). You can do the same on Amazon as well. Here you can find more details about Price Settings on eBay and Amazon .
  12. adzeon, have you checked whether your attribute value is located in the appropriate store view?
  13. I assume that something is wrong with your environment, but I am not sure, the investigation is needed. In your case it is necessary to give a support representative an opportunity to check it personally, to see what can be wrong. I just meant that in order to check if everything is alright with your system, support representatives will need your credentials etc. This information is confidential, and it is not a good idea to share it here:)
  14. Oh, sorry( I also asked my colleague about this kind of issue. He told me that (if I am not mistaking) starting from Magento 2.1.8. the issues can occur if Magento Index is scheduled. As a temporary solution, you can try to enable Immediate Indexing. Hope, this helps. If no, it is better to contact M2E Support Team and ask for a piece of advice.
  15. Ebay Sales Listed Manually

    Hello! Do you mean Magento Categories? As far as I know, after Product is created, it is not put in any of Magento Categories. I checked it on my test account. You can do it manually editing this Product.