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  1. @Spedward, we had the same recently. All you need to do is just to go to system > configuration > general and press 'restore all helps&remember choices'
  2. Hmmm, I assume it's related to your browser, have you tried clearing the cache?
  3. @Mr Gift, you just need to move these listings from 3rd party to M2E Pro: after that the 'communication' will be restored
  4. Hmmm, have you specified this attribute in the description policy you are using?
  5. @Brad Wong, what error are you getting?
  6. Looks like you have not completed the installation process properly. However, I would recommend installing newer versions, this one is pretty outdated🤔
  7. Yes, seems like you need to run static content deploy to eliminate the issue. @GrahamWharton fyi, the extension supports MSI
  8. it seems like you have not added the required attribute to all the attribute sets in magento yet (catalog > attribute sets). once this is done, the arrtibute will appear in the dropdown list
  9., in your case, I would recommend disabling Magento Orders creation. Just go to Sell on Amazon > Configuration > Accounts > open the necessary Account > Orders.
  10. @JG`, you can do this, but there are a few IMPORTANT things you should remember about 😃 - transfer not only M2E Pro tables but also Magento core tables (for example, you can use Magento backup tool or full MySQL dump) - ensure that Products, Orders and Store IDs are exactly the same (!) - M2E Pro and Magento versions must be the same in both installations - and one more Obtain a new license key on M2E Pro Clients and copy that in Magento. That's it
  11. @GrahamWharton, yep, it's a temporary issue on eBay. Is it OK now?
  12. @Sanjay, why did you decide to move to Magento2? From our experience, I remember that you need to transfer Magento Data firstly. Just ensure that Product, Store and Order IDs are exactly the same. Otherwise, you will make a mess🙄 BTW, special versions of the Module are needed, as far as I remember, these are for M1 and 1.2.1 for M2. I recommend you contacting M2E Pro team, I am sure they will provide you with more detailed instructions
  13. @kbuicuong, you need to ensure that this particular Description Policy is assigned to the Products you are having the issue with. You can do it in the Settings View Mode.