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  1. adzeon, have you checked whether your attribute value is located in the appropriate store view?
  2. I assume that something is wrong with your environment, but I am not sure, the investigation is needed. In your case it is necessary to give a support representative an opportunity to check it personally, to see what can be wrong. I just meant that in order to check if everything is alright with your system, support representatives will need your credentials etc. This information is confidential, and it is not a good idea to share it here:)
  3. Oh, sorry( I also asked my colleague about this kind of issue. He told me that (if I am not mistaking) starting from Magento 2.1.8. the issues can occur if Magento Index is scheduled. As a temporary solution, you can try to enable Immediate Indexing. Hope, this helps. If no, it is better to contact M2E Support Team and ask for a piece of advice.
  4. Ebay Sales Listed Manually

    Hello! Do you mean Magento Categories? As far as I know, after Product is created, it is not put in any of Magento Categories. I checked it on my test account. You can do it manually editing this Product.
  5. Hi! I have found some information. Firstly, I recommend you to check the following settings: Set "Import eBay Orders:" = Yes Product Is Listed By Any Other Software > Create Order in Magento = Yes. Also, you need to enable New Customer Creation (see the screenshots below). Note: The latter setting will set M2E Pro to collect orders for eBay listings that you did not list via M2E Pro. Well, I have also found some links, hope, they will be helpful. It seems to me, that there is a conflict or some files are missing.
  6. Repricer Competitors

    Hi! As far as I know, there can be a lot of reasons. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to contact M2E Pro support and provide them with the Product SKU in order to check possible problems with your Product.
  7. Help - stuck on 1st product

    Hi! Well, usually I do it in this way: I set the attribute for EAN in the Listing (in eBay Catalog Identifiers). Then I put the correct value in this attribute (don*t forget to check the Website) and save the changes. Also, if your Product doesn*t need EAN, you can use the option "Does Not Apply".
  8. Mapped Products Not Syncing Stock

    Hi! What about eBay Primary Category? Have you set it correctly?
  9. How does FBA Work with M2Epro

    Hi! I asked M2E Support Team and they told me that they provide limited support for AFN inventory and FBA Orders. For instance, it is possible to list all your Products as MFN and than get them switched to AFN. Also, you can import the Orders. Moreover, in your Account Settings, you can enable the option of managing Stock Inventory of Products fulfilled by Amazon (FBA Orders) and Magento Orders creation. They also informed me, that support of FBA orders will be available in next releases.
  10. Handling Times

    Hi! As far as I know, handling time is the same as dispatch time on eBay, I found the answer here:
  11. I also asked M2E support team whether they have a solution. They told me that this version will become available in some weeks. As I understood, it will be possible to apply new eBay Rate tables to your listings.
  12. Hi! Well, in my opinion, you should check that you have changed your eBay Primary Category (it supports Variational Items). Check if the attribute for EAN in your Description Policy coincides with the one in your product. Bu the way, if you use the custom attribute check that you have provided correct values (EAN) for appropriate Website (your listing). EAN value has to be in your child products. Hope, it was of help.
  13. Ebay Order Import

    Hi! I remember that I had the same thing to do when I've just started using M2E Pro. Surfing the Internet I read that only those orders that have been created after creating an Account (eBay Integration) are downloaded. I suppose it would be better to connect their support team and ask whether it is possible to change the creation date.