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  1. Support for eBay's Business Policy

    @Emooo, M2E Pro has its own policies which are more flexible and helpful than eBay business policies. From my experience, I can say that it makes sense to use eBay business policies only for those sellers who manage their items directly on eBay. So using M2e Pro, a recommendation is to opt-out of eBay Business policies as there are no benefits from using them. Moreover, there are several limitations, as these policies have only static values. M2e Pro Policies have the ability to use Magento attributes, which makes these policies dynamic and gives you more flexibility and freedom.
  2. Migrating Platforms

    @MattSmithWell, I recommend you try to sort out this situation together with them because rush is not the best idea in such cases (in my opinion). Maybe, this is just some kind of misunderstanding. I am sure, together you will come up with the appropriate decision for you.
  3. Migrating Platforms

    Have you contacted the support team?
  4. Migrating Platforms

    Hello! @MattSmith , what alternative platform do you mean?
  5. In my opinion, this can be the reason. @SharonLuggage , if you want to have the same Price for your variational items, just enter the Price in your main product and choose it as a Price source in your Selling Format Policy. If you need different prices, you need to enter them in variational products and choose the appropriate price source.
  6. @SharonLuggage, please, check the synch policy of the affected items. You need to ensure that Revise > Price option is enabled. Also, what is the source for Price? I mean Product Price/Special Price/Attribute. Maybe, the value has been changed, but another source had been chosen in the Selling Format Policy.
  7. Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    @DarrenAs I understand, it is a custom fix to adapt M2E code to the code of the new Magento version. Some files have been changed. I have checked my instance and fortunately, everything is working fine now.
  8. Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    We've just had the same issue this morning. Fortunately, we got is resolved with M2E Pro Support Team. I recommend you to contact them.
  9. Hello a8uk! As far as I know, Amazon does not support Shipping Overrides anymore, but you can use Shipping Templates in M2E Pro.
  10. I am not sure about UPC and EAN but if I am not mistaking, the data will be also sent to eBay.
  11. Attribute Quantity for Ebay

    Yes, it will be the same for all Products you apply your Policy to. At the same time, you can assign different Policies to different Products or (even better) group these Products into separate Listings according to the common parameters. Well, I believe, that using Custom Value in the Policy will be helpful. Please, write me back, I am interested whether this option meets your needs)
  12. Hi! As far as I know, it should not affect your eBay Items. eBay also pays an attention to EAN and UPC, so I think you don't need to worry about that)
  13. Problem with orders in Magento 1.9

    Hello @mizuti , @yardandpool Do you use any Extensions that might influence order creation? P.S. and what about M2E Pro version? Are you using the latest one?
  14. Attribute Quantity for Ebay

    Hi Kezers, I meant setting a Custom Value in the Policy, not an Attribute. As far as I know, this value must remain constant. Maybe, it is possible to try this option? I am not sure the script is a good solution. I am still thinking about your question, it's on my mind
  15. Attribute Quantity for Ebay

    Kezers, sorry for not replying so long, I was offline... Well, what about trying to set a Custom Value for QTY (in Quantity&Duration block)? As far as I know, the quantity should not be reduced.