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  1. @zerod10 , a-ha, thanks. And what about your selling policy? Maybe, you use the custom Magento attribute.. if yes, you will also need to set up the 'calculated qty' parameter.
  2. @Markus , hhmmm, pretty strange. What did you get when the wizard was not completed?
  3. @zerod10, I would recommend you upgrading your M2E version as 6.4.10 is an outdated one... First of all, check your Stop rules in the synch policy. Also, do you update inventory manually or use any special tool for that?
  4. @robgt , what attribute are using for Quantity in the Selling Format Policy?
  5. Hi @robgt, yep, we had the same case. Fortunately, the implementation did not take us long, so now it's working perfectly!
  6. Hi @rupert_b, as far as I remember, m2e creates magento order once it receives the status upd from amazon. The thing is that it is not possible to create magento order with 0 price (this is the price amazon gives for unpaid items). Hope, this is something you were looking for
  7. @JMC, most probably, it happens because your Channel accounts are being managed under two different accounts on Clients. I asked M2E Support to move all my Channel Accounts under one active subscription.
  8. @dehorecaopkoper , if you want to stop listing on eBay, you need to go to eBay Listings (Sell on eBay > Listings) and stop items directly there. It is not possible to disable a marketplace with active M2E pro listings.
  9. @ndod2016, have you tried changing the title of the Amazon account in M2e? It will emulate the call to the channel, should be helpful
  10. @BlackAceAuto, from what you've told me, I assume that initially, you listed these products directly on ebay. Then you listed them again via m2epro. Downloading existing listings (not listed via m2epro) to 3rdparty and moving them to 'standard' m2epro listings would help you to avoid such an issue, I am sure m2e support would suggest the same. Did you manage to resolve that?
  11. @eggbert74 , these versions are for M1 and 1.2.1 for M2. As for the tool, you just need to ensure that store, order and product ids will remain the same. Otherwise, you may get the mess in your inventory. As far as I remember, M2e guys always recommended our clients to use the standard Magento migration tool. Just check the data in Magento before the migration.
  12. @Illust , it's happening because you have not finished your listing creation. Just complete that and the menu will look as you expect.
  13. @bradb , yep, we've already updated our M2e version to one supporting eBay Rate Tables.
  14. Hello @compostable, I know that you can filter orders by fulfillment type directly in Amazon orders grid (Sell on Amazon > Sales).
  15. Hi @dehorecaopkoper not sure if I understood you, do you want to stop listings on eBay Belgium or just make this eBay site invisible in the dropdowns?