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  1. neutrino

    amazon orders not importing

    I remember we had a similar issue recently. Fortunately, M2E support really helped us in resolution and recommended checking the option Billing address usage in Amazon account settings (if I am not mistaken, this is on the Orders tab). In our case, it was set up as Buyer & Recipient have the same name which meant that only when Buyer's name and Recipient's name were the same the shipping address was used as the billing one. Otherwise Billing information fields were empty and the error occurred. Set the option to Always, check your Account settings on Amazon. Bu the way, why haven't you submitted any tickets to support team? Such kind of issues must be resolved directly with them as they will need to investigate. Moreover, support is provided via ticket system.
  2. neutrino

    M2EPro Migration Wizard

    What version of the Extension are you using? M2E Pro Migration Wizard is available in the special version - 1.2.1.
  3. @Bazmccnot sure if I understood you correctly for the first time. I cannot see any problem here at all, the Extension works based on the configuration you set. Some sellers just use other Prices for Amazon and put the Price value in the predefined Magento attribute (the option I offered you). On the other hand, you can disable Price revise in your synchronization policy settings - in this case, M2E Pro will not send Price to the channel. But what if you decide to change the price? In my opinion, it will be more convenient to automate the process of revise... Or you have static Pricing?
  4. neutrino

    Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    @gman86, you're welcome😉
  5. Do you want to have another price on Amazon? From my experience, I recommend the following: you can create a special Magento Attribute for Amazon Price and put the necessary values in it. Then, insert this Attribute in your Price, Quantity&Format Policy (block Price), e.g. here is what I have in my M2E Pro. This means that for Amazon M2E Pro will take not your Website price value, but the attribute's one.
  6. neutrino

    Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    @gman86 , the issue has been fixed in 1.3.3. Here are Release Notes.
  7. neutrino

    Category Sync Stuck at 3/7

    Hi @2dogrc , usually, it happens when Max Execution Time value on your hosting is too low. I recommend you to check and change it if necessary (360 sec is a minimum value).
  8. neutrino

    List items on eBay - Automatically

    I suppose the Item is not listed because eBay Primary Categories have not been configured yet (as it is shown in the screenshot). To set up eBay Primary Categories, go to the Settings View Mode. Then you need to select the Items and in the drop-down Actions select the option eBay Primary Category. By the way, when configuring Auto Add/Remove Rules for a particular Listing, you can (as far as I know) predefine eBay Primary Category. It will be assigned to newly added Items automatically, so this tool is very helpful.
  9. neutrino

    Errors when listing to Amazon Forums

    Hi @DFX , probably the error Product With Same SKU Found In Other M2E Pro Listing is caused by trying to list a Product with the same SKU on one Marketplace. It is restricted by Amazon rules. From my experience, the error SKU Is Assigned To The Child or Simple Product means that the Product you are trying to list on Amazon as a Parent Product already exists in Amazon Catalog as a Child Product (perhaps assigned to another Parent) or as a Simple one. For example, this happens when the Product with the mentioned SKU has already been listed by you or another merchant. To avoid these issues, I recommend you to use the option Generate SKU or SKU Modification. It is very convenient as new SKUs will be generated only on the Channel, and SKU in Magento will stay the same. Magento product and Item on the Channel will be synchronized.
  10. neutrino

    Support for eBay's Business Policy

    @Emooo, M2E Pro has its own policies which are more flexible and helpful than eBay business policies. From my experience, I can say that it makes sense to use eBay business policies only for those sellers who manage their items directly on eBay. So using M2e Pro, a recommendation is to opt-out of eBay Business policies as there are no benefits from using them. Moreover, there are several limitations, as these policies have only static values. M2e Pro Policies have the ability to use Magento attributes, which makes these policies dynamic and gives you more flexibility and freedom.
  11. neutrino

    Migrating Platforms

    @MattSmithWell, I recommend you try to sort out this situation together with them because rush is not the best idea in such cases (in my opinion). Maybe, this is just some kind of misunderstanding. I am sure, together you will come up with the appropriate decision for you.
  12. neutrino

    Migrating Platforms

    Have you contacted the support team?
  13. neutrino

    Migrating Platforms

    Hello! @MattSmith , what alternative platform do you mean?
  14. In my opinion, this can be the reason. @SharonLuggage , if you want to have the same Price for your variational items, just enter the Price in your main product and choose it as a Price source in your Selling Format Policy. If you need different prices, you need to enter them in variational products and choose the appropriate price source.
  15. @SharonLuggage, please, check the synch policy of the affected items. You need to ensure that Revise > Price option is enabled. Also, what is the source for Price? I mean Product Price/Special Price/Attribute. Maybe, the value has been changed, but another source had been chosen in the Selling Format Policy.