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  1. Yes but we need to create magento orders with Ebay code creating a prefix for every Ebay Selling Channel. This is possible for Amazon orders and we do it; but i can't do it for Ebay Orders. Can you ?
  2. We need to use on M2E Pro custom attributes for Ebay Full Price and Ebay Special Price. Even if Ebay would receive only one of them, we need to fulfill both. As it works for Amazon, when there is Custom attribute Ebay Special Price Value, the system would comunicate this value to Ebay. When there is not, it should communicate the custom attribute Ebay Full Price. Exactly as it yet works for Amazon Prices. Why doesn't M2E Pro work in the same way for Ebay ? It should. We think it would be very usefull.
  3. Hi, we would need to separate Ebay orders on the basis of the different ebay selling channels. So that we can be aknowledge about how many orders we receive from Ebay.IT /Ebay.FR / Ebay.NL / etc…… The same as we do with Amazon orders. Can we do it also with Ebay orders ? Why not ?