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  1. Hello, A customer of mine is running old M2E 5.0.3 on Magento 1.6 and wants to upgrade to M2E 6.4.10 or .13. The upgrade attempt using this procedure https://docs.m2epro.com/display/InstallationUpgradeMagento1/Manual+from+archive failed with errors "table 'm2epro_config' doesn't exist" in m2epro_upgrade_errors.log as the upgrade procedure destroys this table and does not rebuild it. Restoring the table from archive reveals other tables in bad shape (missing columns, etc). In testing deleting all M2E accounts and listings, upgrading to 6.4.10, and then setting up the accounts again works. Upgrading a working M2E configuration from 5.0.3 to 6.4.x fails though. Has anyone bumped into an issue like that? Is there a place to download older M2E 5.x versions so I try going up in smaller steps? I found down to 6.3.6 here https://github.com/m2epro/magento1-extension/releases, but none of the 5.x versions. Thanks