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  1. The first thing you should pay attention to before installing M2E Pro extension is a presence of the ad blocker software such as AdBlock. If you have one installed, you need to disable it. After M2E Pro is installed, you need to clean the generated static view files. One of the possible ways to do it is manually by clearing the pub/static and var/view_preprocessed directories and subdirectories. In order to complete the installation at the end of the installation process, you need to run the command following this pattern php %magento2_installation_dir%/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy as it is described in the documentation along with the instructions on how to install/upgrade M2E Pro extension. However, before applying this command, you have to pay attention to locale you are using for your magento instance. The pattern of the command provided above is designed for the case when only one locale is used in mageto - Default Magento locale. In case you use two or more locales, you need to run the command regarding each locale. For this, the command pattern must contain the value of the required locale. For example, for GB locale the command will look like php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -l en_GB. The detailed information of how to clean and deploy static files can be found here
  2. All the necessary modifications for the resolution of this problem are implemented in the new version of M2E Pro 6.4.6 that will be released in a few weeks.
  3. Enabled backorders option is only one of the reason why product which is out of stock in magento remains on the marketplaces. There are still many others. Another setting that worth to be checked is stop rules you set in synchronization policy to make sure that everything is set up correctly. Also, you'd better make sure that all items in a listing uses the same listing settings. You can review what settings are set for each item in a 'settings' listing view mode. It may occur that for some of the products may be used custom settings. In case your magento products are updating using an external tool or CVS file you may face with a problem when m2e extension will not be able to detect changes and as a result to trigger product updates on channels. In this article a good explanation of what to do in such cases And also one of the most important thing is max execution time value set on your hosting. If this value is too low the synchronization may fail to process all necessary tasks to update products. Minimal value that should be configured is 360sec. However, it is very often when this is not enough since there are many products that should be updated. Then it should be increased until everything works properly.
  4. The problem is caused by the recent category structure update on eBay. It's been impossible to receive the updated eBay category layout as eBay API keeps returning old category information to the request. M2E Pro team submitted a request to the technical support of eBay regarding to categories update issue and are expecting a response as to ways of resolution from them. As soon as the eBay API configurations are fixed the new eBay categories will become available within m2e pro.
  5. Have you reported this issue to the m2e support? They will be able to give you the comment of the issue if they have faced with it.
  6. The next steps you need to do are Flush Static Files Cache and apply to the command bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.
  7. The problem is related to the compilation. The errors you have referred appear when command 'magento setup:di:compile' was not applied or was not performed successfully. Try to run the command again and check the issue.
  8. You should install the same version of m2e pro(!) on other magento site. Then dump all tables from magento with existing m2e pro. (all tables with names starting with m2epro_ and ess_) On new magento , you should drop all tables for m2e pro (all tables with names starting with m2epro_ and ess_) and restore dump you created.
  9. You are following wrong steps! Your directions say to go to Sell On eBay > Configuration > eBay Account >General TAB, click on the Get Token Button. Here "Sell on ebay" means that you should navigate on 'Sell on ebay' option which is available in the magento tool bar once you install M2E Pro extension. Do not go on your eBay account directly ))))). It looks like When you navigate this option here will be a list of menu where you will see Configuration. Click it. You will be redirected to the new page with tabs. Among all the tabs choose Accounts tab. You will reach the page with a grid of ebay account or accounts if you use several. Navigate on a line of needed account and just click it. You will enter account settings. In the general tab you should see a Get Token Button. Press it to proceed.
  10. Everything you should do to import all product presented on ebay into M2E Pro 3rd party listing is to enable option in account configurations in 3rd party listing tab. In the same tab you can provide mapping settings by which product from 3rd party listing will be automatically mapped to magento products. The option becomes available as soon as you add new ebay account into account tab.
  11. The error is related to recently released Magento Security Patch (SUPEE-6788). As a result Magento Enterprise Edition, Community Edition and the patch bundle SUPEE-6788 address several security issues. These issues required some changes that may possibly break backward compatibility with customizations or extensions. The latest version of m2e have all necessary changes to work with recent magneto changes. You should upgrade to the latest version according to steps described here
  12. Did you try to manually revise item on the amazon after having checked all settings configured properly? Also, it should be revised automatically if revise rules adjusted correctly in synchronization policy. Pay attention if there were any errors occurred after product been revised. Errors block product been updated.
  13. There is not supposed to be any problems with eBay categories. Did you try to update eBay sites by going to sell on eBay - configurations - ebay sites - click Update all now button? It is important to do that from time to time to get all updates on eBay market places.
  14. Hi, If you want to list products on eBay motors site you should make sure that this site is enabled in Sell on eBay - Configuration - eBay sites. Regarding documentation here is needed link Then you will need to create listing where you will need to choose which eBay site you are going to sell to. And so on.
  15. It looks like you try to set up shipping settings to list items on eBay. First of all I would recommend you to update eBay sites you are planing to work with. It should help.