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  1. Import products into magento from ebay

    Thank you very much neutrino, i will contact them. Thanks for all.
  2. Import products into magento from ebay

    Thanks again for your answer (i also read the article). I have a big problem, my products are over 2000 so i will need years and years Is there a way to show all product directly from 3rd part listing or directly from ebay? Magento's logic is confusing me. I would sell my ebay products inside my magento site, but I do not want to lose the current products. Probably what I want is possible, but I'm losing myself in the difficulty of magento.
  3. Import products into magento from ebay

    I shoud show the listing of products in my home page, under the section ebay. Now i have just one product obtained by a previous synchronization, in "Manage Products" section of CMS. I would show the products imported from ebay too. So i imagine that i have to shift these products somewhere else to show them. (P.s. What is the "map" function?) Thanks in advance.
  4. Import products into magento from ebay

    Thank you very very much, you saved my life! I have just another little question: how can i pass these new products to the same catalogue with others and show them in home page?
  5. Hi, I installed magento, m2e pro and I connected my ebay account, but I have a problem, ie I can not import the products already present on my online store in magento. Some advice? Thanks in advance