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  1. Thank you very much neutrino, i will contact them. Thanks for all.
  2. Thanks again for your answer (i also read the article). I have a big problem, my products are over 2000 so i will need years and years Is there a way to show all product directly from 3rd part listing or directly from ebay? Magento's logic is confusing me. I would sell my ebay products inside my magento site, but I do not want to lose the current products. Probably what I want is possible, but I'm losing myself in the difficulty of magento.
  3. I shoud show the listing of products in my home page, under the section ebay. Now i have just one product obtained by a previous synchronization, in "Manage Products" section of CMS. I would show the products imported from ebay too. So i imagine that i have to shift these products somewhere else to show them. (P.s. What is the "map" function?) Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you very very much, you saved my life! I have just another little question: how can i pass these new products to the same catalogue with others and show them in home page?
  5. Hi, I installed magento, m2e pro and I connected my ebay account, but I have a problem, ie I can not import the products already present on my online store in magento. Some advice? Thanks in advance