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  1. you will be able to list the items again since 6.4.5 will be released. it will be released soon (on monday, 3 October)
  2. m2e pro team is looking into it. if it's the issue it will be fixed in the next version.
  3. this issue was fixed and the fix will be available in the 1.1.0 version which will be released 5-10 september
  4. m2epro developers team has scheduled implementation to fix such type of issues. please wait, in the next versions of m2epro we will release these changes.
  5. there may be some performance issues if you will convert certain tables with MyISAM engine to InnoDB. if you don't have many listings, products, and there are no any extended product changes you perform periodically - you can change them. in other cases we don't recommend to do so.
  6. new eBay categories are available in M2E Pro not long ago, you can resynch marketplace you are using again and there new categories will be available for selection
  7. new eBay categories are available in M2E Pro not long ago, you can resynch marketplace you are using again and there new categories will be available for selection
  8. This M2E Pro Forum was initially created for our online customer community and, especially, for those customers who are subscribed to 10K FREE monthly plan which does not include technical support. In other words, the main purpose of this forum is to provide an opportunity for M2E Pro users (especially, 10K FREE monthly plan subscribers) to share questions and comments with other users about M2E Pro software and service. Primarily, this discussion board is aimed at providing M2E Pro users with an environment for open communication where participants may exchange their experience of using the service, discuss common problems they encounter and share best practices. You are welcome to start a new discussion thread of any topics related to M2E Pro or search for an answer to your question in the threads already posted by other forum participants. Although our M2E Pro team does regularly monitor content of the discussions considering users’ requests, the forum is designed as a free and open source discussion platform and does not oblige M2E Pro developers or support managers to post regular responses to all of the raised questions. Our team will engage and moderate the discussions depending on time and resource availability as well as importance of the request. Considering these forum terms, our M2E Pro team may post responses with a delay, however, we will do our best to ensure that no questions remain unanswered.
  9. m2epro team are working now for this, magento2 extension will have this out of the box starting from the beta releases. magento1 update will be available in the nearest future.
  10. maybe, but we have a clear understanding of one thing - M2E Pro has a UI only in Magento Backend where full page cache has to be disabled, so the solution of this issue should be implemented/fixes by full page cache module developers
  11. There is the issue with eBay Trading API now which cannot give the proper list of new categories. Please wait, m2epro team are working on this
  12. enabling of full page cache for magento admin panel is the bad idea... it can be helpful only for storefront
  13. Since 6.4.3 version the new items will not have such issue. In general, it's not M2E issue because eBay provide only way to add MPN as new variational attribute. eBay should hide this variational attribute from its frontend