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  1. I have the same issue. I have checked everything twice, the qty change is in the m2e log but never updates amazon.
  2. Hi From a couple wasted hours trying to use the shipping overrides I am guessing from this that they no longer work and theres no way to control shipping rates from magento m2e? Are there plans to get m2e to work with the shipping templates made in Amazon seller central? Thanks
  3. Hi the only way I can see it can be done in the current version for Magento v1 is to make a duplicated Magento product with the FBA stock level you have designated to send to Amazon, and there is an option in m2e amazon listing > order settings to import fba orders and manage fba stock. Seems like it could get complicated pretty fast if you have a lot of stock to manage though, but it seems that is often the way things end up. anyone get any others ideas? My main issue is I have many items under £5 so to make FBA worthwhile I think I would have to sell them in pairs or sets of four which adds another level of complication to stock levels and inventory value management.
  4. Hi Did you ever find the best option? I am in the same position and confused about how best to start using FBA without messing up stock levels and creating loads of extra work. thanks
  5. Hi I have just started using Amazon with m2e after using eBay for a few years. Things were going well so far. for the last few days I have been able to list, revise and delete amazon listings via m2e with the normal 10 minutes or so delay between submitting the data and seeing the changes on amazon. But the last submissions I made as shown in the screenshot were made 2 hours ago and are still in progress. is this normal? does the processing time really vary this much and take hours sometimes? thanks for your help.