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  1. I'd like to turn on auto-listing for all products in Magento, though some of our suppliers won't allow certain brands to appear on eBay. Is it possible to create a rule that stops these from being auto-listed?
  2. Thanks for that. So are you saying I can change SKU, UPC & EAN with no repercussions? That data would just get passed through to eBay? So is the common link the Magento product ID?
  3. I'm in the process of standardising all our company's data, which means creating a standard SKU format for all products. I'm concerned that changing the SKU in Magento may break the link created by M2E Pro to eBay. I tried looking through the documentation but couldn't find if it's linked by SKU or by Magento ID (or something else). Is there any info I should know about before changing SKUs?