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  1. Yes, it has always been like this, it just puts the first word in the firstname box, last word in the surname box, everything else shoved in middle name. The problem then is, if you have an integration with a shipping provider you end up with labels with this nonsense on.
  2. Amazon and ebay work in very different ways via M2e pro.
  3. @orbitrod you would be better off sending an email as it is rare for anyone from M2e to reply in the forum.
  4. Magento 2.3 introduces a new Multi-Source Inventory system that doesn't work properly with M2E Pro. What is happening is that there is a new field in the product detail called 'Saleable Quantity', this is updated by Magento when an order is created instead of the 'Quantity' field. The trouble is that as previous versions of Magento only had the 'Quantity' field this is the value that is being used by M2E Pro to sync the inventory with ebay and Amazon. The 'Quantity' field is not updated until an order is marked as dispatched, however an M2E Pro inventory update is not triggered by changes in the quantity when dispatched, it is only triggered by a change in quantity when an order/invoice is created. So the quantity is not reduced and the quantity remains at the old value on ebay. So at the moment, although M2E Pro works for importing orders into Magento 2.3 the inventory sync is not currently working properly so anyone looking to upgrade are probably better off waiting until an update comes out for M2E Pro.
  5. I believe that customers do get a second email when you update the shipping info.
  6. M2E just sends what magneto has received from Royal Mail Click & Drop. This was also a problem with eBay for a while but eBay does exactly what you suggest, when ebay sees Carrier=Other Method=Royal Mail as the method it changes it to Carrier=Royal Mail. The really annoying thing is that Royal Mail does not provide an API for click and drop so we are forced to use their broken Magento 2 integration. Whenever we report an issue their response is basically, this is a free service we won't fix it! It is almost as though Royal Mail don't want any customers! So yes, if M2E pro could include an option to either automatically change Carrier=Other and Method=Royal Mail to Carrier=Royal Mail, or as I suggested simply have an override option in the settings that would replace 'other' with your chosen carrier that would solve the problem. Although M2E understand the problem I doubt doing something about it will be high on their list of priorities as it is a problem caused by Royal Mail and only impacts UK merchants that use Click & Drop. I really do hope that they will add this option and the more people who ask for it the higher the probability, but I don't imagine it coming very soon. The most frustrating thing is Royal Mail's attitude. I posted feedback on Royal Mail and they completely don't get the problem! https://clickanddrop.uservoice.com/forums/399930-general/suggestions/35929534-fix-incomplete-magento-2-integration
  7. First of all the most important thing to do is report this to Royal Mail. The core issue is that when Click & Drop connects to the Magento API to update the shipping information, it does not populate the carrierCode with a unique name. Their reply to me was typically that there was not a problem! The more people however that report it, the more likely they are to eventually do something about it. I also explained the issue to M2e who seemed to get the problem a bit better than Royal Mail did. I suggested that in a future version of M2e Pro they provide a default carrier option in the Amazon sync. So that if the carrier is not set (ie 'other') then the a default carrier can be sent to Amazon, e.g Royal Mail. I think there is a better chance of M2e providing a solution than the Dinosaur that is Royal Mail. If you think this is a good idea, please add your voice to the tread and send a request to M2e asking for the feature to be added to a future version.
  8. Amazon are pushing their VAT Calculation Service that automatically generates VAT invoices on your behalf. They are making life difficult for people not using it by not allowing full use of the business seller services and requiring you to send a pdf invoice for every business order via their broken messaging service, regardless of wether or not the customer asked for it. The problem is I can not activate it because Magento currently generates invoices for all orders. If I activated it there would be 2 invoices for each order with separate numbers, one on Amazon and one on Magento. Is there a way to solve this?
  9. Unfortunately it is difficult, Magento is a very complex package and it is difficult to find support. It is a high probability that one of your extensions (any of them, not just payment ones) are causing an issue, it could be something you wouldn't imagine would cause a problem such as a blog extension or even an extension supplied as part of a theme. Ultimately what you may have to do is take a full backup and re-install Magento, by which I mean creating a fresh magento directory on your web server by either downloading the package or using composer. then copying your env.php and media files and any locally created themes, to the fresh copy so that it uses your existing data and running the setup:upgrade to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Then adding M2EPro. If that works OK, you can then start adding other extensions one by one until something breaks. I have taken to having a complete duplicate set-up that I can test things on. I have been using Magento from the first release and have struggled with it ever since, despite being a technical person who has experience with managing web servers and some PHP development. Note, one thing that will trip you up when making changes to Magento is that if you have php-opcache then you will need to restart Apache or php-fpm if you use Nginx to clear the php cache of pre-parsed php files.
  10. There is a fundamental change in the way Magento 2.2.4 & 2.2.5 onward work. Observers run custom code in response to a specific Magento events, for example when an order is placed. The observers were changed in 2.2.5 and many out-of-date extensions fail. It seems the problem is that when the observer is triggered an error will prevent other events from happening after. In my case an out -of-date payment extension was causing an error that prevented m2epro from completing the quantity update. Check every extension you have added.
  11. Turns out that Magento 2.2.5 has moved or removed the Webapi\SubmitObserver. An out-of-date payment gateway that used this observer was the culprit, but why that stopped M2epro from updating the quantity I have no clue.
  12. I have Magento 2.2.6 (but have also tried 2.2.5) and M2epro 1.3.5. When an ebay sale completes the stock quantity does not get updated in Magento, has anyone else had this problem?
  13. Just wanted to let people know that things seem to be ok with Magento 2.2.5 and M2E Pro 1.3.4.
  14. Thanks for the info mat. The m2e extension is excellent, it is just a shame they don't seem to do any testing with new versions of Magento, just wait until someone installs it and it doesn't work.
  15. I assume you have items listed on eBay and Amazon that you do not want to appear on your Magento store. There are two ways you can potentially deal with this. 1. Simply set the product Visibility in Magento to 'Catalog Only', this will remove the item from your Magento Store search results. Then make sure no Categories are selected for the item, it will then no longer appear when a customer browses the categories on your Magento store. The product is essentially hidden, the only problem is that if the URL for the item is already in a search engine then it can still be discovered by a Google Search. You could change URL Key making sure that 'Create Permanent Redirect for old URL' is not selected. This will break the link that Google has making the item not found. 2. Alternatively create a dedicated marketplace store in Magento and link your M2ePro to that store instead of you main magneto store. Then when adding products to your magento store, you can select if an item appears in your main store an/or your marketplace store by checking the box Product in Websites that relates to the appropriate store. The first option is fine if you just have a small number of items that you want to exclude from your Magento store, but the second option would be a better long term solution if you continually adding new products as it allows you to manage your marketplace and Magento stores separately but share a common product listing.