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  1. Revise > Price is set to enabled. My product price is set to Product Price, as it should be. I did notice that my "Variation Price Source" is set to Main Product, but there's no price set to the "main product" on these items. I'm selling things that come in 2 colors (Black r Green) and I've set them up as configurations of a main product. Could this be the source of my problem? Should I set it to "Associated Products"? I will say that I mainly have issues with the green items, since they get fewer inventory updates, it seems like the information wasn't pushed to Amazon for them.
  2. Hello! So, last week one of my vendors updated their pricing and we had to update the pricing on roughly 75 items. We updated these on our site (running Magento 2.2.1) and everything seemed fine. Unfortunately, only about half the items had their prices updated on Amazon. Needless to say, my vendor with their MAPP was not happy. How can I go about making sure every pricing update is pushed to Amazon immediately? This is not an issue I'm having with eBay, that pricing adjusts automatically. - Robert