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  1. Hi!

        We have recently started using M2e pro. I noticed that it is importing orders from 3rd party listings too since M2ePro charges us based on sale volume does that mean it counts 3rd party orders too? can I disable it since it is creating confusion for our team and also we do not want to be charged for products which are being posted from 3rd party tools.



  2. hello!

         We have our products already added to Ebay and we are creating a new magento website. We see our products in 3rd Party Listings but since we do not have those products in magento we can not map those products. Now I can write a quick script to add my ebay products to magento but we do not have SKUs added in ebay. How should I map products in that case since we have thousands of products manual mapping is not an option. any suggestions? or is there a way to programatically map those products.


    Kind regards