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  1. You need to set your synchonisation policy to automatically sync on any changes for them to update automatically. You might just need to check some settings.
  2. Update 'Save and continue edit' strips the css. 'Save and back' appears to retain the code and update ebay with the css included. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  3. I have an ebay template which i use for all my items and at the top of the html I have a css style list inside a style tag. When putting this into the wysiwyg html editor it all gets stripped out and all my ebay listings are looking like crap. This appears to be a recent thing but i'm struggling to find a fix. I may have to list everything with inline styles. Is there a quick fix to resolve this? Is it an ebay or m2epro problem?
  4. I got mine fixed. In the integration which I had to reactivate since the magento upgrade there was a checkbox which said 'upload delivery confirmation to channel' which had been reset/unchecked. That fixed my tracking number issue. @WillG what part are you struggling with? Is your store url and store view correct in the royal mail settings? Is it not working at all or is there a particular part of it not working?
  5. I'm not sure if this is a big problem or if anyone else has had the same issues. It relates to the Royal Mail click and drop extension or maybe m2e pro. I upgraded to magento 2.3.3 and the latest M2E pro version and since then, the tracking numbers generated by royal mail click and drop are not making it back to update ebay or amazon. Before the upgrade, this all happened smoothly and automatically. This means to provide customers with tracking numbers I need to enter them all manually. Has anyone else seen the same issues?
  6. Surely this is a very very basic parsing error and would take a matter of minutes to fix? I didn't notice it previously but i thought it was something to do with our latest upgrades.
  7. I've had several issues in the last 2-3 weeks where my customers names aren't being imported correctly from ebay if they have a business name in brackets in their name field. Example: 'Andrew Smith (acme rockets)' is imported into magento as 'Andrew Rockets)' I'm not sure if it's a new thing ebay has started doing or if it's a bug in the latest m2epro. My magento version is 2.3.3 Anyone else seeing the same issue?
  8. I had a developer look at this issue and as far as I know it was being caused by a problem when an empty email was being passed from the ebay api. I can double check and see what the fix was. I now have different issues but i will post another thread about those.
  9. Not sent to magento at all? were other orders being sent as normal? I'm having trouble with magento 2.3 and m2e pro at the minute. The orders are being sent to magento but they're not creating a magento order number.
  10. Error message on ebay orders: Magento Order was not created. Reason: Failed address validation: Email has a wrong format Any solution to this? it's affecting my stock control among other things. The emails are all fine. It worked before the magento 2.3.3 upgrade.
  11. My failure rate is up to about 80% now.
  12. literally just happened me again now. I'm getting around 50% failure rate.
  13. I'll have a look at the settings again. It's very vague as to how the sync works. If i can disable magento sending the price through to amazon but everything else still syncs properly this would work fine. Then i can update a price manually if i need to.