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  1. The M2E ebay listings that have ended in the past couple days have not relisted because they show: Error Please specify a valid return policy. I have a return policy set of Does not accept return that, up until this week has been fine. I know that eBay has recently made changes to acceptable return policies, but No Returns is still a valid policy. I confirmed that the ebay category for the items haven't been changed by ebay. I tried listing instead of relisting. I upgraded from M2E 6.4.13 to M2E 6.4.14. I've created a new return policy in M2E (again selecting No returns accepted from the drop down box). I still receive the Please specify a valid return policy. However, I have had no problems relisting 3rd Party listings through M2E. As an experiment, I went into Ebay Seller Dashboard and relisted one of the finished M2E listings. I did notice that on the ebay listing creation page that they now have a place to specify a US return policy and an International return policy. This feature appears to be lacking in M2E, even after I upgraded. I could speculate what is going on, but really I would just like to be able to list through M2E again.