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  1. Hello, We are having an issue with our Magento where items on M2E eBay listings are increasing their stock levels on their own, typically after a sale, causing the item to relist. I have installed an admin action log tracker to confirm that another admin is not manually changing the stock levels. Here is the log for the item in the listing. Here is the log for the order The eBay orders that seem to cause problems are the ones where payment was not required immediately, Best Offer and Auction listings. Based on my analysis, it appears the item was purchased at 4:13:28 PM, causing the listing status to go to "Sold", and the inventory being reduced to 0. Then 2 seconds later, the order is created in magento, and the quantity is automatically changed from 2 to 1, causing the item to relist. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?? Thanks for your help! We are running Magento and M2E version 6.4.0