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  1. Hello, Currently we have our products listed on Ebay UK. The Ebay price is chosen from a custom field (Ebay price) in Magento, rather than the standard Magneto price field. Everything is fine on Ebay UK, however the problem we have now is when listing products on Ebay Ireland. M2E doesn't recognise the currency is in GBP and attempt to convert it to Euros. The end result been something that is £15 on Ebay UK will be listed as 15 Euros on Ebay Ireland. Is it possible to make M2E currency convert from a custom field? Cheers for any advice.
  2. Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble listing a fair few of our configurable products on Amazon. We have purchased barcodes for these products and are creating new listings on Amazon. The majority of the products I have left to list are giving this error: "Product with the same SKU is found in other M2E Pro Listing that is created from the same Merchant ID for the same Marketplace." From what I can see only the configurable had gone though and that was incomplete in seller central, no child products had actually been created on Amazon. With this in mind I have deleted the incomplete listing from Amazon, then removed the product from M2E's Amazon listing. After that I have waited 24 hours for the product to be removed from Amazons systems, as Amazon suggest. However for these 35 products I just keep getting the error i mentioned above. I'm sure non of the SKU's are listed with any other product we have on Amazon, so am at a bit of a loss to what is actually causing this. I've tried to list these remaining products with no success multiple times, remove them from M2E and add them again with little success. If anyone can assist that would be much appreciated, Thank you.
  3. I found the problem in this particular case, someone had duplicated the brown product to create the black product and never changed the products barcode, so the barcode assigned to the black product was the same as the brown product. I assigned the correct barcode and everything then listed correctly on Amazon. Thank you for the reply.
  4. Hi all, I'm hoping someone might be able to advise, I'm currently listing a configurable product with colour variations. The Brown, White and Caramel variations have listed on Amazon ok, however for the Black variation i get the following error: The Description data provided for current SKU has technical conflict with data of Amazon Catalog for the Product with ASIN/ISBN B01GK6ZMT6. The following is the values that are conflicting: color (Merchant: 'Black' / Amazon: 'Brown'). If your product corresponds to this ASIN/ISBN, please modify your data to reflect the Amazon Catalog values. Otherwise, check that your value(s) for standard_product_id are correct. It looks like M2E is trying to map our Black variation to a Brown variation on Amazon, however it shouldn't be as its set to create a "New ASIN/ISBN" and has its own unique barcode. Can anyone advise on what might be going wrong? Thank you.