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  1. We have the same isue with the import of Orders from Amazon. How can we fix that? you got any solution for us?
  2. @primavera We are using Version 1.3.5. Right now we have to add all products manually to amazon and ebay. Only synchronzing with the thrid party option is working.
  3. Good evening, we have an urgent issue. For some reason, we can not choose any magento attributes in the description policies. The same problem in the description policies for the amazon-integration. We added all neccessary attributes to every attribute-sets, but this does not fix the problem. Even clicking on "Create a new one..." leads to a new attribute in the database, but it is not visible in the description policies, either for ebay or amazon. Does anyone have an idea/solution for this issue? Best regards, feelcomfort (Magento 2.2.4)