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  1. oh dear, I have the solution for you: Magento image sizes configuration In your Magento backend, go to System > Configuration. On the left menu under Catalog, select Catalog. Expand the Product Image section, and do the following: a. In the Base Image Width field, enter the maximum width that the base image is to be rendered. b. In the Small Image Width field, enter the maximum width that the small image is to be rendered. When complete, click Save Config. Magento image types Based on different types of images, product image in Magento website is divided into 3 main Sizes: Thumbnail Thumbnail images appear in the thumbnail gallery, shopping cart, and in some blocks such as Related Items. Example size: 50 x 50 pixels Small Image The small image is used for the product images in listings on category and search results pages, and to display the product images needed for sections such as for Up-sells, Cross-sells, and the New Products List. Example size: 370 x 370 pixels Base Image The base image is the main image on the product detail page. Image zoom is activated if you upload an image that is larger image than the image container. Example sizes: 470 x 470 pixels (without Zoom) 1100 x 1100 pixels (with Zoom) for full tips: check out this: How to Configure Image Sizes in Magento
  2. I believe, it's calculated on eBay too
  3. you can get notifications by switching/clicking on Notify me of replies option right under the reply box.