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  1. Yes I found out that the mail sending is coming from magento itself. Is there any option to disable mail sending for orders that have been created from ebay ? @primavera
  2. Hello Kholden, i have the same issue with my M2E extension (using it for eBay) since my update to magento 2.2.5 (previously 2.2.3) I have the same issue that order confirmation emails are getting sent to eBay customers. This is a major issue because it also is against eBay policies. I will try out your idea of a fix and post back here if it worked or did not work.(thx for the idea btw)
  3. Hello, today I upgraded to Magento 2.2.5 and and also updated all my extensions / modules to the latest version. Since then when a ebay customer orders something, Magento is sending out order confirmations to said customer. I do not have "create a new user" enabled so it shouldnt send out these emails or? When sending out the order confirmation for ebay orders it is also not using the correct email account I set up for orders. It is using the "www.-data" user www-data@example.de. How can I fix this ?