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  1. An order has come into Magento with Tax. We have the Tax setting set to "Amazon" for the tax amount. However, when the order was created, the tax is missing. Anyone know why?
  2. When I create a Magento Parent that already exists in Amazon, the child product gets listed, but has no data that's supposed to be pushed by the description policy. If I test the description policy against a simple product with no parent, the listing works, and all necessary data is uploaded to Amazon. Why wouldn't the child products of a parent (or the simples of my configurables) push out data per the description policy set in M2EPro? I have attached just one example of the issue, showing discrepancy between the policy and the child product.
  3. We are seeing the same issue on version 1.3.5 for Magento 2. All necessary attributes are set to all attribute sets and only "Product Name" actually shows up.
  4. A couple of years back, I remember discussing that when a Magento order is created by M2EPro, a transactional or order email is triggered, obviously against Amazon policy. The workaround was to create the M2EPro listings under a different store view. Is this still a problem/solution for Magento 2 M2EPro? Thanks!