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  1. Try to use M2E Installer/updater:
  2. You haven't set eBay category for the items. These categories are required by eBay for the listings. Please check this article about how to edit eBay categories settings:
  3. @Tommy Unfortunately, you cannot setup shipping price based on the product weight on eBay DE. The eBay does not offer "Calculated shipping"option in all countries. It is just available in some particular countries ( i.e. USA, Australia, etc). It is not available in Germany,UK, etc. @Rich M If you are using a Magento Attribute to define the calculated shipping weight, use decimal values. For example, for 1 kg and 750 gram, use the value 1.75. The value from the attribute is taken and then split to be sent to eBay as 2 separate fields.
  4. Most probably, your issue is related to your server configuration. The symptoms look like synchronization process is interrupted by server and not completed in full. Please ensure that memory_limit and max_execution time configuration values have appropriate values. If your web server is LiteSpeed, then this article might be useful for you:
  5. Most probably, these attributes are not added to all attribute sets of your magento. Please check this link, it might be useful:
  6. It looks like you haven't performed static content deploy. It is necessary to deploy static content data. Please, check the article below to learn how it can be done BTW, M2E Pro has install/upgrade tool which manages all necessary tasks:
  7. eBay does not allow to list items with fixed price < 1.This is a strict requirement - the price must be >= 1.