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  1. Hello, I have a Question to this article: Specifics ( When I look at the item specifics in Seller Central, I find fields for "Product Dimensions" and "Package Dimensions" why I can't find these values in M2E. That would be very helpful as we ship very light but extremely large items. As a result, Amazon does not accept our freight costs and would also like to have both fields filled out. I'm looking forward to a soon replay. BR Alexander
  2. Hello, I have a question. We have placed a configurable article on eBay. Now we would have to transfer a picture from the child item to ebay. So far, only the images from the configurable article are shown. Is that possible somehow? Cheers Alexander
  3. Hello everybody, I have the same problem. I found the appropriate setting in M2e and set it to 5 days. But how do I get the value transferred to Amazon, especially with existing offers? On eBay, such changes are updated directly in the background. At Amazon, even a manual update doesn't help. In M2e the status is "[Revise is Scheduled ...]" but even after a successful execution, Sellercentral still shows a processing time of 2 days. I would be really happy about any help. many Greetings Alexander
  4. Hello, is it possible to modify the handling time for amazon products order? When we receive an Amazon order, we have a certain time available to ship the order. Is it possible to change this time via m2e? If yes how? Many thanks in advance Alexander Schmidt
  5. Good evening everyone, we automatically import the eBay orders into Magento. We use M2E for this. I have a freight for freight costs. Are they still calculated by eBay, or does eBay somehow access M2E and thus have access to our Magento shipping cost table I've noticed some major changes in how freight charges are calculated recently. However, it does not explain to me how or through what these changes come. It is only noticeable that if the customer buys several items, the freight costs are calculated in the same way as in the Magento shop. In the past, customers on eBay always had to click the "Request total amount" button first. Then we had to deposit the freight costs. For some time now it has been looking as if the shipping costs table from Magento is being used. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Dear Oswin, thanks for your mail. We will install and thest the new version in January - after the christmas sales. I will kepp you postet - abut the new option in the Payment policy of M2E I wish you all the best and stay healthy.
  7. Hi Maxxx, many thanks for your replay. It seems I have found the Problem. Amazon has two diffrent values: NumberOfItems and Number Units. I have changed my Attributes and now I hope it will work. Tomorrow I will know more. Thanks in advance Alex
  8. Hello M2e User, I Need your support by a further Problem, If I want to post a certain article at AMAZON, I get the following error message. The Description data provided for current SKU has technical conflict with data of Amazon Catalog for the Product with ASIN/ISBN XXXX. The following is the values that are conflicting: part_number (Merchant: 'XXX' / Amazon: 'YYY'). If your product corresponds to this ASIN/ISBN, please modify your data to reflect the Amazon Catalog values. Otherwise, check that your value(s) for standard_product_id are correct. I don't understand several things here.Let's start: 1) It seems that Amazon searches its product catalog for our article number and came across the same article number.Amazon is happy to do that, but it is not out of the question that there are two companies in the world that use the same article number. The products behind it can be completely different. 2) How can I solve the problem now? 3) I saw that there is a way in M2E to automatically add a prefix to my item number. The idea is great. But it doesn't seem to work for me for child products. Is that correct, can someone confirm that? 4) If so, how can I solve my problem? Thank you for your help now! Alex
  9. Hello M2E-User, I have a very strange problem that I need your help with. We sell concentrates, among other things. These concentrates are packed in bottles of 0.2 liters. Therefore, we entered the quantity 0.2 in the attribute field. We have to do this because we have to show the base price as customer information for 1.0 liters.However, this now means that our products are not listed on Amzon. Because the NumberOfItems must not be less than zero.Is there a solution to our problem?I would really appreciate your support.Best wishesAlexander
  10. If we select all items after updating the tax rate and update them on eBay, the changed tax rate will be transferred. Simply changing the selling policy does not trigger an update of the items listed on ebay, although we have to confirm a corresponding M2E notice.
  11. How I can set the eBay-Payment as payment method. eBay will not longer accept PayPal. So I get a lot of notices during the listing.
  12. We have changed the VAT rate in the selling policies. Unfortunately, the change will not be transferred to eBay. Does anyone have a tip on what that could be?
  13. Good evening, the listing of child products on AMAZON by using M2E works quite good. But the available quantity will not shown correct. If I have choosen the main product in M2E i can open a new window by clicking on "Manage Variations". Than all child products will be shown in this new window. But I do not unterstand how M2E get the QTY? This shown numbers are totally wrong and the coresponding Magento article has totally diffrent QTY. Pls. can anybody help me where M2E gets this QTY-Information? Picture attached to this post. Thanks Alex
  14. When I list a confiurated product on amzon by using M2E only the parent product will have a description. The child products will be listed and the most datas will be filled out but the description is missing. It would be really nice if anybody can help me with this Problem. Many thanks in advance! Alexander
  15. Hello, I want to send out an automatically order confirmation after receiving an ebay order. I using Magento How can send out Magento such kind of eMail. What Settings I have to do? Many thanks in advance Alex