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  1. after updating to 2.1.4 amazon order are not created anymore. Error message below. Please advice soonest Magento Order was not created. Reason: Warning: Illegal offset type in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/framework/App/Config/ScopeCodeResolver.php on line 58
  2. please reveiew the posted questions. Apparently we don't get any answer on emails as well, what's wrong???
  3. we are selling on ebay products which require a base price. This is included in the category specifics and we mapped it to the base price on magento. However the value is exported with a "." as decimal separator but ebay requires a ",". It does not help to change th shop locale. I assume that M2E pulls the values out of the database without applying an locale template. How can we resolve this? Magento v2.1.4
  4. @AyJay did you find a solutionfor that? we are havingthe same trouble. 0.7 is interpreted as 0. changing the 0.7 to 0,7 in ebay resolves the rpoblem so this is definately an M2E pro export issue, @robgt this is NOT a currency problem but the population of category specific values which are mapped to a magento attribute,
  5. been there, did all that, not working. that's when I contacted the support. In the meantime I received a reply to check the performance parameters (did it) and now waiting, yet again, that someone might actually works on this issue.
  6. After changing the domain of the webshop the ebay synchronization is not working anymore. Amazon works well even after the change. After issueing 3 tickets now to the support, providing credentials to reproduce the issue, I still did not get any reply, even though I flagged this issue as critical because we cannot sync ebay auctions anymore. This is quite frustrating. Regarding support there is quite some space for improvement i'd say. BR Peter