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  1. Hi all, Our eBay store has been suspended due to an automatic double listing issue. We have contacted eBay and because we use the M2E Pro extension, eBay cannot do anything. We've manually removed any duplicate products, however we are not sure why this happened in the first place. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a way to prevent this from happening again?
  2. Hello, I searched for this question and could not find it. Apologies if it has already been asked. We use M2E Pro on Magento 1.9. In May of 2018, eBay announced that they are changing their website, and eBay seller stores to Mobile-Responsive Design and improved SEO (source: Unfortunately the eBay FAQ does not mention how it works when you use an extension. We have tried contacting eBay, however they could not help us and did not know what to do in our situation. Can I please ask - how would we make our eBay products, and eBay pages Mobile-Responsive, using M2E Pro? We would really like to make our eBay store Mobile-Responsive, and take advantage of our current capabilities. Thank you.