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  1. Hi, For orders via amazon from switzerland, magento does not create the value added taxes (19%) in the order nor the invoice (on product and shipping). Why ist that? Did I miss a setting? On amazon everything is included taxes and we also get the brut amount... Thanks for hints...
  2. Hi, I need to change the text on shipping descriptions. Normally I do this by System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods -> xxx. In m2e there is nothing tzo midify here. Where can I change this (worst case, in the database...)? Thanks for helping
  3. Hi, When I do a refund via magento order, amazon is only refunding the amount without VAT. So I have to go into amazon sellercentral and refund the remaining amount.Did I miss a tick somewhere? thanks in advanced...
  4. Hi I searched all over but couldn't find any related topic; How can I mark products as "used"? In the ebay listing you have a related field in the product description, but I can't find anything related in the amazon listing?! Thanks in advanced