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  1. Disregard, I tracked it down to a security software issue. My browser was set to open eBay in a new "protected" browser. I turned that off and got it to work!
  2. As an update, I have looked other places. I'm doing exactly what these guys do, but it doesn't take me back to my Admin Panel after I agree on the eBay site. It takes me to my store's homepage.
  3. I'm following the directions correctly, but I still can't get my token. When I click "get token," it takes me to the eBay page asking if I want to grant M2E permission. I click agree, then it redirects to my own website. It doesn't seem to actually create the token or give me anything I can work with. I'm still seeing this error message: The token for "parkavenueyarns" eBay Account has been expired. Please, go to Sell On eBay > Configuration > eBay Account >General TAB, click on the Get Token Button.(You will be redirected to the eBay website.) Sign-in and press I Agree on eBay Page.Do not forget to press Save Button after returning back to Magento." Of course my browser had already navigated away from the admin panel because when I clicked "get token" it used that browser to go to eBay, then my site. I've even tried this with two browsers up in the admin panel to see if I do save after going through the steps if it may work. No luck. Any ideas? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.