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  1. Hello, from some time now ebay permit to remove a variatiaon too if this already has sale. If i try to remove the child product from magento, and then synchronize with m2epro the variation remain on ebay with 0 quantity. At this point if i remove the variation from ebay manually i can do nothing more on that auction because m2epro wil not synchronize it anymore (error message saying i mu st a price more than 1€). The only workaround is to delete MANUALLY the variation option in the table m2epro_ebay_item and m2epro_ebay_listing_product_variation and to delete the content of "[]" in "variations_that_can_not_be_deleted\":[] on the m2epro_listing_product table, so acting directly on the database. Why m2epro does not remove the variation?