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  1. No - the only way I know to find if there are unmapped variations to a Configurable product is to open the Manage Variations pop-up and check if the Add New Child Product button is present. When you have 100's of configurable products the process of opening EVERY configurable to maintain the simple to configurable products is nearly impossible.
  2. Is there any where I can get a list of variations that need to mapped manually for the child products on Amazon? For Example Magento Size=> L needs mapping to Amazon Size => Large or Magento Colour=> Black/Blue needs mapping to Amazon Colour => Black/Navy etc, etc Presently the only way I know if a child product is not mapped fully is to use Manage Variations => Add New Child Product. The mappings then appear under the advanced tab. This is a massive headache with a large catalogue of configurable products. Is there an easier way?????
  3. Reply from M2ePro. Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We have double checked the situation on our server and made sure that everything works correctly on our side. So, it looks like the temporary issues are coming from Amazon. We have also received multiple complaints regarding this message from other customers as well. Based on our experience, such kind of Amazon servers behavior happens every year during the high sales period (October - December). So, it seems like this is a massive server temporary issues on Amazon. Still, our developers are working on resolving this situation. We are doing our best to find the reason and resolve this as soon as possible. We will keep you updated regarding the situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ----- Best Regards, M2E Pro Support Team
  4. Still not working this morning. Also tried reseting the Amazon Account but this just regenerates the same access code => I think Mark Fernandes solution was coincidental with the service working. I have emailed M2ePro support asking them to comment on this post.
  5. Having the same issue. Syncronisation for orders and stock is working OK. It is just the search for ASIN when adding new products that has been temperamental for the last 3 days and now is always returning a server unavailable error.