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  1. I have this issue too. Anything except the first and last words get plonked into the middle name field which is then ignored. In my case I use Royal mail click and drop but I imagine it's the same with most couriers. Not only company names that are a problem, but the occasional customer who puts the first line of their address in the name name box in ebay. So something like "1 Acacia Avenue" becomes "1 Avenue" Anyone have an easy or simple fix? M2E Pro weren't that interested when I reported it as they said it was intended behaviour and not a bug
  2. I couldn't vote on yours as it was rejected but I commented and I created a new one and linked to yours - https://clickanddrop.uservoice.com/forums/399930-general/suggestions/36202447-fix-carriercode-on-magento-integration I'm not sure M2E Pro are doing it properly, or that Royal Mail are the ones to blame. On Magento 1 at least, Royal Mail aren't a default carrier, and it's not simple to add another one. I haven't tested what happens if "RoyalMail" is sent as the CarrierCode but I expect that the details won't be logged on a standard Magento install as that CarrierCode doesn't exist. In addition, it's not just Royal Mail who send "custom". Despatchbay also do the same. They send "custom" and then the name of the courier in the second field. M2E Pro also "Royal Mail" as the service which isn't correct at all. I think the problem is a magento issue ultimately. I *think* Royal Mail, DespatchBay and, I imagine, other services are sending what the Magento developers intended them to send, The way I see it is that M2E Pro are the link between Magento and Amazon so they should be the ones to code the (simple) logic to send the correct value to Amazon. I'm currently using a workaround. I have set up a free plugin called Seekwell with Google sheets. This connects to my Magento database and grabs all the details for any Amazon orders for the current day with a click of a button. I can then upload this to Amazon and it overwrites the "other" with "Royal Mail". It takes <5mins at the end of each day, but I don't like manual tasks even when they are quick. I'll forgot to do it at some point no doubt. Only been doing it a couple of weeks so not checked if it has fixed my Amazon metrics yet. Also not sure if customers get a second dispatch email when the tracking it updated.
  3. Thanks for the reply! It's been reported to Royal Mail but they weren't interested and I came to the same conclusion as you, that they were too much of a dinosaur. M2E Pro gave me some technical explanations which made sense, but which I'm sure would be fixable with a small about of programming. It seems that Amazon have 3 fields which are relevant: - CarrierCode - CarrierName; - ShippingMethod If CarrierCode is sent then it should be one of a number of items off a predefined list of carriers which Amazon Support. (Royal Mail happens to be one of them) Amazon DON'T want CarrierCode and CarrierName to both be sent ShippingMethod is really for the sevice as far as I can tell. So things like "1st Class" or "Next Day" or whatever. Currently, M2E Pro seems to send CarrierCode, which is where "Other" seems to get sent to Amazon, and then they send the shipping Method as the name of the courier, which seems to just be incorrect. M2E could fix it by doing something like this (excuse my attempt at programming logic!): 1 - IF the Magento "Carrier" <> "other" AND if Magento "Carrier" is on Amazon approved list THEN send "Carrier" to Amazon as "CarrierCode" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierName) 2 - IF the Magento "Carrier" = "other" AND if magento "Carrier NAME" is on Amazon approved list THEN send "Carrier NAME" to Amazon as "CarrierCode" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierName) 3 - IF the Magento "Carrier" <> "other" AND if Magento "Carrier" is NOT on Amazon approved list THEN send Magento "Carrier" as "CarrierName" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierCode) 4 - IF the Magento "Carrier" = "other" AND if Magento "Carrie NAME" is NOT on Amazon approved list THEN send Magento "Carrier NAME" as "CarrierName" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierCode) That would cover Approved Amazon courier and non approved couriers in either Magento's Carrier or Carrier Name field. Example below, assuming Royal Mai is Amazon Approved, and Joe Blogs Courier isn't Royal Mail in Magento Carrier field - line 1 picks it up and sends to Amazon as CarrierCode - this is the ideal situation Joe Bloggs in the Magento Carrier field - line 3 picks it up and send to Amazon as CarrierName (which is what I believe Amazon want when "Other" in Magento Carrier field with "Royal Mail" in magento "carrier name field" - Line 2 picks this up and sends "Royal Mail" from Magento Carrier Name to Amazon as CarrierCode - This is what would fix the current Click and Drop setup (but also other integrations I have seen such as dispatch bay who send "other" and "yodel", or "Other" and "Parcelforce" etc. "Other" in Magento Carrier field with "Joe bloggs" in magento "carrier name field" - Line 4 picks this up and sends Joe bloggs as "CarrierName" Not sure where to send the above info to? Any ideas where it'll get properly looked at?
  4. Is anyone else using M2E Pro along with Royal Mail's click and drop? Do you tracking numbers work properly in Amazon? Click and drop send the info to Magento with carrier as "other" and the carrier name as "Royal Mail" M2E Pro send this on to Amazon so in Amazon the carrier shows as "other" with the service as "royal mail" So Amazon get the tracking number but don't automatically know that it's Royal Mail so "Valid tracking" stats are poor and customers don't get the right tracking info Does anyone else have this problem? Or use Click and drop and NOT have this problem? I'm at my wits end and M2E Pro couldn't help when I asked last July